Apr 3, 2021
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Tarot forecast for the week of April 5 to 11, 2021

Tarot forecast for the week of April 5-11, 2021

Any new week can be a start to a new life, bring unexpected changes or disappointments. The advice of the senior Arcana will help you prepare in advance for the events of another April week and make it successful.

The interpretation of Tarot cards does not tolerate fever, because the advice of any Arkan must be compared with reality in order to get valuable recommendations. Experts recommend that representatives of the zodiac signs get acquainted with the next forecast, which will help to attract the necessary events to life and successfully overcome difficulties on the way to personal happiness.

Aries at the beginning of the week can look to the future without fear. The lasso “Sun” promises positive changes and material well-being. Aries will be able to enjoy their triumph and start a newly minted deval, which will lead them to new successes.

“Justice” in the middle of the week calls on Aries to abandon any deception, so as not to face troubles belatedly. The card promises liberation from everything that has become irrelevant, and Aries will be able to run over to a new stage of life on the condition that they play by the rules.

According to the “Temperance” card, Aries should end the week without a fever, paying attention to premonitions. An inner voice will help bring positive change to life and bypass the Palestinian path to problems.

On the map “Lovers” Taurus at the beginning of the week will face the original tests of strength. They have to make a major choice, which cannot be canceled. The future will depend on him, and the decision will have to be made independently.

Strength in the layout is a card indicating favorable times for a breakout. Taurus will be able to easily overcome any difficulties if they stop giving in to the unknown and belittling their perfection.

Arcanum “Moderation” encourages Taurus at the end of the week to rely on intuition. Thanks to her, it will be possible to choose an unchanging moment for decisive actions and soon achieve what was in the plans.

The Fool card encourages Gemini to start Monday responsibly. Negligence in business and responsibilities can lead to problems, which means that you need to pay attention to each event in order not to become hostages of your own short-sightedness.

Arcanum “The Hanged Man” describes a situation of temporary impasse, when the Gemini cannot continue the started deval. The advice of the card is to find the cause of the problems in order to eliminate it and get rid of obstacles on the way to the goal.

The “Emperor” in the layout is a card indicating progress. In the layout at the end of the April week, this card symbolizes a breakthrough in business and personal life, and in order to consolidate success, Gemini is majestic to act blamelessly.

The “Justice” card symbolizes justice, which will be restored if Cancers follow the blameless path. According to this Arkan, it will not be difficult to regain his immaculate name, if you act prudently, do not succumb to provocations and do not indulge in destructive emotions.

The “devil” in the layout is a card that calls on Cancers to focus on success and go to the set target, without being distracted by entertainment. Arkan talks about the time of trials, which must be endured with honor in order to bring prosperity into life.

Arcanum “The Hanged Man” means a pause in business, and Cancers should not tremble that they are temporarily “stuck”. The card describes the possibility of rethinking the planned deval, adjusting plans and rejecting what has lost its relevance.

The Tower card symbolizes a blow, and Lions must be ready to abandon some of the plans that are already outdated, as well as imposed installations. Arkan calls to face the truth and not try to disappear into a fictitious illusory world from problems.

“Fool” in the layout is a card that urges Lviv to pay attention to inaccuracies in business and eliminate them until they become a threat to the cloudless future. Arcana’s advice is not to fool yourself.

The lasso “Moderation” calls on Lvov to show restraint so as not to commit rash acts. The card indicates the successful resolution of problems in the event that Leos are not in a hurry and make informed decisions.

The lasso “Emperor” says that Virgos will be able to compare with any tasks if they approach the solution of emerging demands consistently. The card promises success and honor to those who are not in a hurry to draw conclusions and weigh every step.

The “devil” in the layout is a card promising strength tests. Virgos will be subjected to temptations, from which it is majestic to refuse, so as not to go to a dead end, not to lose the favor of the environment and not to lose material well-being.

The lasso “Lovers” symbolizes a situation of choice, when Virgos majestically decide on a responsible step that can change their lives for the better. The decision to cancel will not work, so it is imperative to come to the choice with all responsibility.

On the “Judgment” card, Libra will be able to start the week with relief from difficulties. Arcanum means a breakthrough, thanks to which Libra will be able to enter a new stage of life, in which there is no room for disappointment. The main thing is to act blamelessly and without fever.

According to the “Devil” card, Libra will have to face the dark Palestine of their personality. The advice of the card is to fight for your well-being and cultivate the most important qualities in yourself, so as not to lose luck and not close the path to happiness in front of you.

The card “Peace” promises Libra to find a solid support. The lasso symbolizes clarity and the completion of difficulties. On this card, barriers to happiness are easily overcome, disagreements are allowed.

Scorpios have a great week ahead. The lasso “Empress” symbolizes growth and prosperity, which will not come immediately, but if you work hard for your own good, then success will certainly burst into life.

The Death card calls on the Scorpions to update. In the spring, changes are ready to burst into life, and Scorpios should not interfere with what is happening. The transformation will be magnificent if you abandon the attempts to resurrect the outmoded past.

Arcanum “Magician” talks about new opportunities, which should not be ignored. The card promises success if Scorpios develop hidden talents and stop seeking outside approval. Confidence and the choice of an individual path for development will help to briskly attract the necessary events into life.

The Streltsov card calls on Sagittarius to fight for their well-being. Arkan indicates the need to find a balance between emotions and reason in order to direct forces to overcome difficulties and find everything that makes life cloudless.

The World card indicates the finding of its place and pleasant changes. Sagittarius will need the confidence and responsibility to get there to avoid trouble and get what they want on time.

At the end of the week, on the “Tower” card, Sagittarius is majestically aware of the fact that not everything that seems to be stable will remain so. The lasso promises the collapse of illusions when it is necessary to concentrate with forces and face the truth.

Arcanum “Emperor” calls Capricorns to account. According to this card, success will come to those who are not biased in their judgments and are able to admit their mistakes. It is dignified for Capricorns to focus on the arguments of reason, and not on emotions and rumors, in order to come to their senses for success.

According to the “Lovers” card, Capricorns will have to change their lives, leaving behind the past. The card calls to determine the direction of the path, to sacrifice small in order to reach the great.

“Judgment” in the layout is a liberation card. Capricorns on weekends will be able to free themselves from everything that interferes with development and causes problems. Arkan’s advice is to act blamelessly and not be afraid to defend your view.

The lasso “Empress” at the beginning of the week is a card that indicates to Aquarius the correctly chosen path. According to this Arcana, success is not far off, and in order to come to your senses in a short time, it is imperative not to change course and responsibly look to your duties.

According to the “Hanged Man” card, Vodoleev awaits a revision of plans, some of which will have to say goodbye so as not to waste time and energy on things that will not affect the present and the future in any way.

Arcanum “Court” calls on Aquarius to fight for their well-being. The card promises the resolution of conflicts and relief from difficulties. Aquarians can attract success if they act with discretion and honesty.

The “Wheel of Fortune” at the beginning of the week is a card that calls on Pisces not to resist events. The lasso symbolizes a change for the better, which means that Pisces should not be afraid, even if what is happening is not yet clear.

The lasso “Death” symbolizes the newest stage of life, the dying past and the willingness to let change into life. The advice of the card is to let go of everything that has exhausted itself from life and prepare for new events.

The grave of the week on the “Justice” card of Pisces is waiting for a reward or work on mistakes. Everything will depend on what actions were taken during the week.

Not only the advice of the senior Arcana will help to pave the week successfully, but also self-confidence. Daily exercise and positive affirmations can help build self-esteem and overcome any obstacles.

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