Apr 17, 2021
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Tarot forecast for the week of April 19-25, 2021

Tarot forecast for the week of April 19-25, 2021

Half of spring is a great time for changes and new successes. The layouts of the senior Arcana will help the Zodiac Signs to determine their goals, go around obstacles on the way to success and attract positive events to life.

Every Tarot card layout is unique. Experts recommend dealing with the analysis of the dropped cards without a fever. It will be possible to completely understand the Arcana warnings if you connect your inner voice and analyze the current situation. In this case, the forecast will sparkle with new colors and become a truly stately help for those who dream of positive changes and a life filled with happiness.

It took the April week for Aries to pass in a positive manner. The lasso “Star” symbolizes a clear path and reaching the target. According to this card, it is only majestic not to deviate from the path in order to receive a reward and find happiness.

The “tower” in the layout is a card symbolizing getting rid of excess ballast. Events in the middle of the week can defeat Aries, however, the situation will clear up, and it will become clear that changes are natural and lead to a better life.

The “Strength” lasso ends the week by encouraging Aries to fight for their happiness. The advice of the card is to learn to pacify energy and channel it into a peaceful bed, not succumbing to the temptation to cheat or cheat.

Arcanum “Tower” describes a situation of correct transformation, which will help Taurus to leave outdated ideas and plans in the past. The necessary changes will help you gain independence and freedom, learn to express yourself, going beyond the previously restraining framework.

According to the “Magician” card, Taurus is dignified to remember that readiness for decisive action is not yet a victory. It is great to find harmony between consciousness and subconsciousness in order to be guided by both intuition and the arguments of reason to obtain the most important result.

Arcanum “Lovers” calls on Taurus to decide on further steps, to make a choice in favor of a cloudless future. Even if you have to make some sacrifices, in the future, the hardships will pay off with interest.

At the beginning of the week on the “Devil” card, Gemini cannot rush and indulge in destructive emotions. The card speaks of the need to gather the will into a fist and pass the tests with your head held high.

On the “Justice” card in the middle of the week, Gemini is waiting for a natural result of the deeds that they completed earlier. Arkan warns that if the Gemini played a foul play, they will have to pave the way for the missteps.

Luna lasso warns Gemini. According to this card, it is impossible to succumb to panic and negative thoughts, which can lead to a dead end and deprive oneself of will. Gemini majestically tune in to the positive in order to overcome temporary difficulties.

At the beginning of the week, according to the “Moon” chart, Cancers cannot panic and believe the rumors. Arkan warns of the problems that will arise if you do not control yourself and act on the occasion of destructive emotions.

Arcanum “Hierophant” indicates the need for decisive steps that will lead to victory. However, Cancers need to remember that times must be devoted to truly great deeds in order not to miss opportunities.

The “devil” in the layout is a card that promises trouble if Cancers indulge asthenia and begin to commit ill-considered deeds. In this case, they are threatened with loss of reputation and financial difficulties.

The High Priestess card encourages Lions to start this week with caution. The map indicates that now you need to slow down in order not to miss important signs that will indicate the right path to success.

According to the “Hermit” card, Leo should think about the situation again, abandon the outdated, rounder ones and free the mind from blocks that hinder further development. The advice of the card is to relax and gain strength after intellectual work, in order to then take an categorical step towards a dream.

The lasso “Tower” calls on Lviv not to stop developing and say goodbye to outdated ideals without regret. The card foreshadows events that may seem antipathetic, but Lions after time will understand that everything is happening for the better.

“Empress” in the layout at the beginning of the week is an optimistic card, according to which Virgos can be sure that they will receive a reward for their labors. You need to act slowly and rely on fate in order to come to your senses in time to the target.

On the card “Justice” Virgos have to get the results of their work. If they acted in good faith, the reward will not be long in coming. Arkan also calls on Devav to be honest, so that in the future you will not face problems due to attempts to cheat or cheat.

The lasso “Moderation” says that Virgos must keep to the measures in order to exclude troubles. It can be about financial spending, and about the amount of shamovka consumed, and about the time spent at work.

The Hierophant card calls on Libra not to stop there, to receive new knowledge and not to give up wise advice. At the beginning of the week, it will come out to resolve difficult issues if you come to business responsibly, but without fanaticism.

According to the “Lovers” card, Libra should abandon the hustle and bustle when making a responsible decision. The lasso promises changes for the better, if you act, and not wait for a late case, indulging your own indecision.

On the “Emperor” card, Libras are waiting for devalas, capable of driving them to new achievements. Arkan promises career growth and an increase in well-being, if you think objectively and act prudently, taking into account not only your interests, but also the wishes of the environment.

Arcanum “Star” calls on Scorpions to start the week with creation. On this map, there will be no problems if you follow the chosen path, without deviating from the route, but at the same time sensibly assess your capabilities and do not try to act imprudently.

The “Moon” card encourages you to fight the fears that interfere with a cloudless life. Scorpios will be able to make an impressive leap forward if they believe in themselves, stop relying on rumors and speculation.

According to the “Emperor” card, Scorpios do not need to postpone those things that can be done here and now. The ability to focus on business will pay off, as well as help you gain an excellent reputation and attract financial well-being.

The Moon card describes the situation when it is necessary to act frugally. Sagittarius must understand that not all events will be subject to them, therefore it is imposing to be prudent so as not to make destructive mistakes that lead to a dead end.

Arcanum “Strength” encourages Sagittarius to be active, to use established skills to achieve new successes. In order for work to bring not only profit, but also pleasure, it is impossible to deny the realization of your talents.

On the “Star” map, Sagittarius can confidently move towards a dream. Arkan calls to be blameless and rejoice in what is, without forgetting that you can achieve what is, if you do not be lazy and do not indulge your asthenia.

According to the “Strength” card, it is majestic for Capricorns to start the week actively, to act with full dedication, but at the same time assess their strengths objectively and not try to cash in on someone else’s. A positive attitude, benevolence and the ability to prioritize will lead to an undoubted victory.

The “Hanged Man” lasso indicates a situation when it is majestic for Capricorns to sacrifice something to reach new heights. Falling out in the layout, the card reminds that development should be comprehensive, which means that in the pursuit of profit, it is impossible to forget about spiritual growth and development.

At the end of the week, on the “Lovers” card, Capricorns will have to make a major choice, make a small sacrifice in order to receive a decent reward belatedly. One must act blamelessly and judge objectively to avoid trouble.

On the “Temperance” card, Aquarius should start the week by gaining control over emotions. The lasso promises an early resolution of difficulties, if you act constructively, avoid conflicts and do not provoke the environment into aggressive acts.

The card “Strength” echoes the first Arcana of the alignment and encourages Aquarius to find harmony between reason and emotions, visiting forces to solve problems in a peaceful way. According to this map, half of the April week should be actively passed.

The lasso “Peace” in the layout says that by the weekend Aquarius will receive a long-awaited reward. The card describes the achievement of the target, the acquisition of happiness and a decent reward for the work done.

On the “Temperance” card, Pisces is majestic to understand that creativity and responsibility will help to reach the target much more quickly. Arkan calls for starting the week with the completion of the current devalas, not leaving for later what can be done right away and getting a reward.

The lasso “Fool” calls on Pisces to find freedom, to be open and ready for change. To do this, it is majestic to free oneself from the blocks of consciousness, but at the same time do not forget that reckless actions can lead to problems.

The Hanged Man ends the week, and her advice is to look for new ways to address emerging demands. It is impossible for Pisces to go ahead – it is more important to choose a non-standard route and not to forget about the mistakes of the past, so as not to repeat them and not drive yourself into a dead end.

Not only timely advice from the Arcana, but also personal involvement will help to check the affairs for the coming week of April. An optimistic attitude and fortune talismans will help you check any difficulties on the path to personal success.

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