May 2, 2021
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Tarot forecast for the week from May 3 to May 9, 2021

Tarot forecast for the week from May 3 to May 9, 2021

The final month of spring begins, which every person wants to build on a positive note. It will come out to fulfill your dreams thanks to the tips of the senior Arcana in the forecast for May 2021.

The layouts of the senior Arcana contain an abyss of healthy information, which sometimes will not be on the surface. Experts recommend that the Zodiac Signs carefully analyze the fallen out cards and use intuition in order to understand the message of any card and correctly understand the warnings.

“Death” at the beginning of the week is a card that calls on Aries not to resist change. They will be the right result and will help Aries to leave behind everything that is no longer of any value.

According to the “Hierophant” card, in the middle of the week, Aries should listen to the opinion of wise mentors, and also learn how to distribute time and energy in such a way that all the majestic and paramount devalas should be performed in time.

According to the “Devil” card at the end of the week, it is impossible for Aries to indulge asthenia and give in to adventurous offers. The card calls to fight against weaknesses and vices, so as not to get stuck.

The lasso “Judgment” opens a week, and on this card Taurus will be able to make a leap and free themselves from problems and worries. The advice of the card is to act blamelessly and impartially, and also not to lower your hands, so as not to delay your own success.

The Empress card encourages Taurus to take their time. On this map, events go on as usual, no problems are foreseen and only nice news awaits ahead. Taurus majestically tune in for success and achieve inner balance in order to find happiness.

On the map “World” Taurus will reach the desired target and will be able to fulfill their cherished desires. The lasso promises a convenient development of events, which means that you can grasp complex deeds and not be afraid of responsibility.

According to the “Justice” card, it is dignified for Gemini to remember that only blameless deeds will lead to a better life. The card indicates the successful resolution of difficulties, as well as the ability to adapt to circumstances, so as not to miss out on its benefits.

Arcanum “Lovers” calls Gemini to be vigilant. On this card, responsible decisions will have to be made, and Gemini should be prepared for the fact that they will have to sacrifice something in order to gain more.

The “sun” in the layout is a card of the earned reward for work and efforts. According to this Arcana, Gemini will be able to enjoy their triumph and share the victory with the most domestic people, as well as restore strength for further achievements.

Arcanum “Hierophant” encourages Cancers to start the week with planning in order to devote time to truly great deeds. Arkan also promises acquaintances, which can be useful for a business environment.

The Tower card speaks of a transitional stage when the life of Cancers will undergo the necessary changes. Unnecessary events and even people who will not play any role will go out of life. Cancers should rely on fate so as not to complicate the situation.

On the “Chariot” map, Cancers will be able to step forward and close the doors of the past in order to fill their lives with a new reason. The card calls not to hesitate, but also not to take risks. By making informed decisions, Cancers will be able to come to their senses for new successes.

The Death card calls on Lviv not to resist and to bring the necessary changes into life. Arkan describes the stage when everything that is old leaves life, freeing up the point for newly minted feats and victories.

“Judgment” in the layout is a card indicating victories. Lovely news comes along this Arkan, it turns out to restore a reputation, defend one’s gaze and free oneself from everything that oppresses and interferes with development.

According to the “Magician” card, Lions should not forget about the creative component. At the end of the week, new ideas will come, which should not be discounted – they will help improve life and make work easier.

“Tower” in the layout at the beginning of the week is a card on which the Virgins will have to experience a blow. Problems can arise in any area of ​​life, but in order to change events for the better, Virgos are majestic not to resist changes and not be afraid to let go of what has no reason.

On the “Wheel of Fortune” card, Virgos should not act against their fate. Events on weekends can develop unpredictably, but Virgo is more important than total for some time to go with the flow, gathering strength to get down to business at the right time.

The arcanum “Death” speaks of liberation and completion. On this card, Virgos can feel discomfort, because life will change, but the new rules of the game must be accepted so as not to close their way to a happy future.

Arcanum “Hierophant” calls on Libra at the beginning of the week to decide on goals, so as not to deviate from the path and not be distracted. It will be so smart to achieve the desired results and not waste precious time.

The World card opens the way to happiness, and Libra will be able to find that they will be one step away from the goal and are about to achieve their triumph. Arkan calls not to deviate from the path and not to indulge asthenia in order to get everything that is needed from life.

On weekends, using the “Justice” card, Libra will be able to eliminate shortcomings in work, so as not to belatedly collect a bunch of problems, abandon some plans and decide on further targets.

On the “Justice” card, Scorpios will be able to achieve justice and defend their view. Arkan’s advice is to act blamelessly and not judge in a disingenuous manner, so as not to face problems and work on missteps in the future.

On the “Magician” card, Scorpios will be able to find their own path to success, become leaders and lead the team to new heights. Newly minted ideas will come true if you do not be afraid of responsibility and stop thinking in stereotypes.

The lasso “Emperor” promises the Scorpios recognition and honor. On this map, the devala go uphill, and if you abandon deception and cunning, you will come out to earn trust, open up new prospects in front of you.

The “Chariot” card encourages Sagittarius to start the week actively. According to this map, you need to get rid of doubts and timidity, which hinder the movement forward and close the path to a happy life.

The Moon card warns Streltsov. According to this Arcanum, it is impossible to trust the rumors and indulge your awe, if they are not justified by anything. Otherwise, Sagittarius can stay for a long time at dusk without the opportunity to go out into the light.

The “Hierophant” in the layout is a card that urges Sagittarius not to postpone important deeds and decisions. At the end of the week, there will be a convenient time to tackle serious demand and complete important demerits.

Arcanum “The Hanged Man” describes a dead end situation, when Capricorns majestically deal with what is happening in order to exclude slipshod. It’s time to pull yourself together and get down to business, not dreaming of success, but moving towards it with peremptory steps.

According to the “Moderation” card, Capricorns need to adhere to the golden mean in everything, adhere to the rules and not rush in order not to miss important warning signs in a hurry.

“Peace” in the layout at the end of the week is a card of finding happiness, solving problems and achieving a cherished goal. On this Arcana, disagreements are allowed, and there are lovely prospects ahead.

The lasso “Emperor” opens the week of May, and according to it, Aquarius needs to focus on the financial Palestine of life. The card indicates the opportunity to correct the financial posture, if “take the bull by the horns” and act blamelessly.

The “Death” card promises to Aquarius liberation from troubles and empty troubles. All that is needed is not to resist the right changes and not to regret the past, which has already fought its role.

The “Power” card speaks of the opportunity to check with any hardships and problems, if you come up with a solution to demand with an optimistic attitude and a desire to win.

It took weeks, judging by the map “Empress”, portends serene times when you can not rush, but do not treat things carelessly. Success will come in the foreseeable future if Pisces find inner balance and stop thinking about themselves in a negative way.

The “sun” in the layout is a card of victories, happiness and financial well-being. Arcanum indicates an imminent triumph, after which an interval can be taken to restore energy. Fish can also conquer new targets without fear of trouble.

With the Mage card, Pisces will be able to start working as a team, take over the reins and come to success. You will have to work hard for this, so the weekend cannot be called a serene and peaceful time.

It will be possible to attract luck in May, if you believe in yourself, and also do not forget that the race can lead to sad consequences. You will not get yourself into trouble if you use proven conspiracies and know the reasons why troubles can follow each of us.

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