Dec 29, 2020
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Tarot forecast for the week from December 7 to December 13, 2020

Tarot forecast for the week of December 7 to 13, 2020

December confidently comes into its own, and there is very little time left until the end of the year. The Major Arcana will help the Signs of the Zodiac to cope with all matters in time and not miss out on their benefits. Tarot card clues will be an important help to complete the year.

Tarot card layouts allow not only to foresee the future, but also to manage it, making responsible decisions. Experts recommend taking your time, getting acquainted with the dropped cards, so as not to miss important clues. Attention to intuition will help you find the right decisions and not stumble on a step from victory.

According to the Empress card, Aries will have a fruitful start to the week. The lasso symbolizes growth and development, which means that you can start implementing plans in order to win one more victory before the New Year holidays.

“Wheel of Fortune” in the layout – a card of unforeseen events. From Tuesday, Aries should be ready for change: they will be for the better if they accept their fate and learn to wait patiently.

Arcanum “Chariot” promises Aries achievement of the goal, if they do not hesitate and doubt their strength. This card also speaks of travel, business trips and even a move that can be planned for the weekend.

The Death card opens the second week of December, and on it Taurus will have to prepare for the inevitable changes. Arkan symbolizes goodbye to the past, which no longer plays a role, and urges not to give up new perspectives.

Arcanum “Justice” speaks of justice, which must be adhered to. Taurus must act honestly in order to receive future rewards for honest work, not censure and hard work on mistakes.

The Sun card symbolizes pleasant changes and a time of carefree happiness. According to this Arcana, positive events occur in life, there is an opportunity to start something new and promising.

The “Chariot” lasso for Gemini is a call to action. It’s important to start Monday by putting some bold ideas into practice or completing current affairs. Inaction will lead to sad results and loss of promising opportunities.

The lasso “Peace” promises Gemini achievement of the goal, a calm existence and the end of troubles. According to this card, it is important to come to terms with loved ones in order to end the year without conflicts and omissions.

According to the “Emperor” card, Gemini must be prepared for the fact that an influential person will meet on their way, thanks to which it will be possible to resolve a controversial situation or advance in business.

Arcanum “Emperor” calls on Cancers to start the week decisively, but without haste. The card promises success if they adhere to the rules and norms and do not try to put themselves above the environment.

On the map “Chariot” in the middle of the week, Rakov will be active. There will be an abundance of strength, and they need to be put into the mainstream of the completion of important matters. Also, a card can denote a breakthrough, when previously abandoned cases can be brought to a logical conclusion without much effort.

The lasso “Peace” promises Cancers a positive end to the week and a long-awaited reward. On this card, it will be easier to distinguish true desires from random ones, and this will allow you to control your destiny.

The lasso “Star” promises Leo the speedy completion of an important business and receiving a reward for their work. On this map, there will be no obstacles on the way if you stick to the plan and do not turn off, recklessly succumbing to the temptation to cut the path.

The Empress card encourages Lviv not to rush. The denouement is already close, and it remains only to go the chosen path to the end in order to receive a worthy reward. Signs of destiny will help you not to go to a dead end.

The “Justice” card says that Lions will be able to find a reasonable compromise that will help them to fulfill their plans correctly and without deception. Controversial issues must be resolved fairly, otherwise fate will force you to work out mistakes.

The Sun card promises Virgos a great start to the week. According to this Arcana, problems are resolved and the path is free. “Sun” speaks of the time when you can start something new or take a break to gain strength before a responsible job.

The Hierophant encourages Virgos to choose only those deeds that will lead to success. According to this Arcanum, responsibility and adherence to the plan will allow Virgos to easily come to victory and receive a worthy reward.

Arcanum “The Hermit” calls on the Virgos to stop running for a while in order to find inner balance. Balance will help you not to be distracted by trifles and not to indulge unnecessary emotions that can cause slowdown or lead to a dead end.

At the beginning of the week on the “Chariot” card Libra will be given the opportunity to make the final dash towards the goal. The card symbolizes a breakthrough and release from constraining circumstances.

The card “Moderation” encourages you not to rush and not to hurry, so as not to forget about important trifles in the hustle and bustle. Arkan speaks of success, but for this it is important for Libra to make decisions on their own.

Arcanum “Court” – a card indicating the resolution of controversial and difficult situations. With this card, Libra will be able to free the mind from imposed thoughts, stop communicating with toxic people and restore justice.

Scorpios at the beginning of the second December week will have to abandon some plans and ideas. The lasso “Tower” destroys the foundations, forcing to face the truth and no longer chase illusions that will not bring positive to life.

On the Empress card, Scorpios can be sure that they are moving in the right direction. Arkan speaks of successes, but distant ones, and the Scorpios will have to train endurance so that haste does not harm their plans.

Arcanum “Emperor” in the layout – a card of wisdom. It is important for Scorpios to make decisions based on logic. It is possible that at the end of the week help will come from a powerful person, and you should not refuse it.

The “Justice” card speaks of the importance of following the rules. According to this Arcanum, it is important for Sagittarians to refuse to indulge in weaknesses, otherwise they will have to work on mistakes, moving away from the goal and losing confidence.

The lasso “Fool” symbolizes openness. According to this card, Sagittarius will have to bring change into life, but at the same time not forget about responsibility. Neglecting what is happening can lead to problems.

According to the “Tower” card, Sagittarius at the end of the week should be ready to say goodbye to illusions and outdated ideas. By abandoning them, it will turn out to bring really important changes into life.

Arcanum “Fool” calls on Capricorns to be careful not to stumble and not to be mistaken with the choice of the path. The card describes a situation when the burden of the past crushes, making it difficult to discern the present, and due to internal torment, Capricorns can choose the wrong path.

The “Hanged Man” lasso describes a situation when it is important to remember past mistakes and analyze what happened. Capricorns on this card will have to suspend the progress of affairs in order not to work on mistakes again in the future.

Arcanum “Magician” encourages Capricorns not to abandon innovations. On this map, the ability to adapt to change and a creative approach to solving problems will allow you to quickly reach your goal.

The World card in the layout promises a calm start to the week. According to this Arcana, problems are resolved, and Aquarians will be able to enjoy the results of their labor. The card also promises speedy resolution of problems, if you do not rush and indulge negative emotions.

The lasso “Wheel of Fortune” says that in the life of Aquarius events will occur that will change their worldview. On this map, confusion can lead to a dead end, so it is important to refuse hasty decisions.

On the “Star” card, Aquarius will feel a surge of strength and inspiration, which will help not only to implement their plans, but also to find new sources to attract profit.

Arcanum “Fool” in the layout warns Pisces that they can fool themselves if they are not serious about their duties. On this card, it is important to be aware of each action in order to exclude unpleasant events.

“Magician” in the layout is a card of leadership and determination. Pisces will be able to take control of circumstances and use not only the acquired skills, but also their intuition to achieve an important goal.

The Emperor card symbolizes power and good luck, but Pisces must not forget that responsibility will be an important component of success. At the end of the week, Pisces will receive tempting offers that will help them find happiness.

Completing the second week of December will be successfully helped not only by timely hints from the senior Arcana, but also by luck. It will be possible to attract her with the help of proven amulets, which everyone can make on their own and no longer remain without the support of a capricious fortune.

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