Nov 25, 2022
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Tarologist predicted a powerful future for Russia


Aida, who predicted the death of many artists, spoke about the future of our country.

Tarologist Aida Martirosyan thanks to the cards can predict the future. The specialist sees not only the future of Russia, but also when a person dies. For example, she predicted the death of Yulia Nachalova.

Yulia Nachalova, 38, died in March 2019. No one could have thought that a blooming and cheerful singer could die so quickly … Except for Aida Martirosyan, who two years earlier told the artist about her fate live, but she did not listen.

Aida really did a layout of tarot cards on Nachalova, and the death card fell out to the singer. Then Julia was very surprised by this, but, like many, did not attach any importance.

Julia had a health card in front of the death card in the event line. That’s why I warned that there will be events related to health, I said: “Please correct this area.” After all, when we listen and change, the card of death changes the course.

According to the tarologist, who came to the studio of the MALAKHOV program on the Russia 1 TV channel, you should not be afraid of the death card, because it comes to each of us several times during life. For example, Yulia had her several times in the past – most likely, the singer experienced some kind of tragedy or catastrophe. It is important to start working with her and monitor her health. But Nachalova did not listen.

Aida admitted that in the same way she predicted the death of Valery Garkalin and Dmitry Maryanov.

It is difficult to tell people what awaits them – it is always unpleasant for both those who listen and those who predict. Tarot is a system that simply suggests and shows events that are possible in the future. It is important to understand: the card of death is never interpreted as physical death! When we make a general alignment, reviewing events in the past, present and future, in only one zone this card will indicate correctly”, Aida admits on the air.

Aida also said that she was making a deal for the future of Russia. The cards told the fortune-teller that everything would be fine. By 2030, perhaps, the country will annex several more territories and become one of the most powerful on the planet.

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