Oct 12, 2020
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Tanya Tereshina’s 6-year-old daughter threw a tantrum over her mother getting old

09:52, 12.10.

Aris burst into tears after the singer's unpleasant news.

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Tanya Tereshina regularly shares stories from the life of her six-year-old daughter Ariswho went to first grade this year. So, the star told the child that Tereshina could grow old in the future, however, Aris negatively perceived such news and even made a real hysteria.

“Recently I told Aris that I would become old (in the context of some story) and she changed her face so much. In a second, tears came out and she began to scream in such a panicky denial that I wouldn't be old. I had to agree, "Tereshina noted in her microblog on Instagram (the author's spelling and punctuation are unchanged. - Prim. row.).

Tanya Tereshina's 6-year-old daughter threw a tantrum because her mother was getting old

It is worth noting that Aris was born to Tatiana during her previous relationship with the showman Slava Nikitin... The baby was born in 2013, but could not rally a couple - the lovers broke up, and even with a scandal. At the moment, Tanya and Slava were able to forget about all the grievances and together are engaged in raising their daughter. After breaking up with Nikitin, Tereshina met a new love - a businessman Oleg Kurbatov...

From a man, Tanya gave birth to a sonArseny-Ostap in 2019. Tereshina told how her eldest daughter treats her new husband. She said that Aris began to turn to Oleg much more tenderly than it was before. For example, when Tatiana and Oleg are fighting, Aris comes and asks them not to quarrel. There were situations when a girl asked her mother "not to be mischievous" and to hug her husband. In addition, Tereshina somehow tried to teach her husband a lesson and did not bring him a glass of water after an alcoholic evening. Aris, in turn, helped her stepfather, because she felt sorry for him.

Recall that this year Tatiana Tereshina was among the stellar parents, whose children became first graders. During the first days of study, the baby already had difficulties. For example, she did not want to eat what is given in the school cafeteria, because Aris is picky about food. The girl found a way out of the situation and told the teachers that she had "a single food allergy." The child wakes up with great difficulty for lessons. On September 1, Aris burst into tears at all due to the fact that her mother woke her up much earlier than usual. By the way, Tereshina is also unhappy with the new rhythm of life, despite the fact that she is used to waking up early.

Tatyana Tereshina with her husband Oleg

We add that Tereshina's second husband is 16 years younger than her. She married Oleg Kurbatov in 2018. Two weeks before the celebration, the star arranged a bachelorette party in the style of Barbie. At the time of the wedding, Tatiana was already pregnant. Tereshina admitted that two children are enough for her and she is not going to give birth anymore. At the moment, she wants to deal exclusively with herself and her career.

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