Sep 16, 2020
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Tanya Tereshina told how her 6-year-old daughter from a previous relationship treats her current husband

09:51, 09/16/2020

The singer stressed that Aris tries to reconcile her mother and stepfather if they swear.

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Tatyana Tereshina is raising a daughter Aris from a previous relationship with a showman Slava Nikitin... After the birth of the child, the lovers parted with the scandal. At the moment, they have forgotten about all the grievances and together are engaged in raising their daughter. After breaking up with Slava, Tatyana met a new love - a businessman Oleg Kurbatovfrom whom she gave birth to a son Arseny-Ostap in 2019.

Tereshina regularly talks about the family, and this time she told in her microblog on Instagram about the relationship between Aris and her husband Oleg, who is the girl's stepfather. “We live… sometimes we are in a hurry to go somewhere… we quarrel. More precisely, I usually rebel. Most importantly, we are both honest. And this is a quality that is important to instill in children, and as you know, children learn exclusively from their parents. In this regard, we are ideal parents.)) And also. My Aris began to treat Oleg especially tenderly. And it touches me. When mother Tanya is in the form of a snake and lightning is shot from her eyes directly at Oleg, Aris calls not to quarrel, and so on. Just recently we were sitting in a restaurant and she saw that I was capricious and did not allow myself to be hugged), Aris said to the next words: "Mom, well, quickly hug your husband, do not be mischievous!" - shared Tatiana (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. - Prim. line.).

Tatyana Tereshina told how her daughter relates to her new husband

Tereshina told another story. She refused to bring her husband a glass of water in the morning, because she was trying to “teach” her beloved that one should drink less alcoholic beverages. As a result, Aris could not stand it and went to fetch water for Oleg herself, as she felt sorry for her stepfather. It is worth noting that this year Tatyana took Aris to the first grade and during the first days of her studies the girl already had difficulties.

The fact is that Aris is picky about food, and teachers at school force her to eat. However, she found a way out of the situation and declared that she had "a single food allergy." In addition, the child has great difficulty waking up to school. On September 1, Aris was completely upset that her mother woke her up earlier than usual. The girl even cried because of this. Tatiana herself is also unhappy with her new rhythm of life, despite the fact that she likes to wake up early. Aris is now attending a private school, which is nine minutes' drive from their home.

Tatyana Tereshina, Aris and her father Slava Nikitin

The current husband of Tatyana Oleg is 16 years younger than the singer. The singer married businessman Kurbatov in 2018. Two weeks before the celebration, Tereshina arranged a Barbie-style bachelorette party. At the time of the wedding, the performer was in an interesting position. By the way, Tatyana admitted that two children are enough for her and she is not going to give birth anymore. At the moment, the singer plans to pursue herself and her career.

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