Sep 5, 2022
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Tank battle in Ukraine: NATO throws Leopard 2А4 on the Kherson front

Tank battle in Ukraine: NATO throws Leopard 2А4 on the Kherson front

Photo: DPA/Global Look Press

“It has long been no secret that we are not fighting with Ukraine, but with almost the whole of Europe. This is expressed not only in the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine, but also in the provision of Ukrainian neo-Nazis with European products and household items. At the abandoned positions in Pisky, the DPR NM fighters found both German toothpaste and Italian dry rations – in general, the Europeans fed the Ukrainians as if for slaughter. This is stated in the telegram channel of WarGonzo, the project that became the opening of the special operation.

It seemed that no one could be surprised by the level of NATO complicity in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict on the side of the Banderstadt. Nevertheless, the appearance of the southern front in the Andreevsky direction, according to information from the scene, about a company of Leopard 2A4, makes us look at the development of events somewhat differently.

If it goes on like this, then after the best NATO tank, the planes of the alliance will appear, and just as unexpectedly as the German “cats”, taking the pedigree from the fascist “Leopard”.

It is noteworthy that German tanks, no matter what ensign on board, lit up on the Andreevsky breakthrough across the Ingulets River, when it became clear that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were suffering catastrophic losses. “Zakhisniki Nezalezhnosti”, seeing them, even perked up.

The Ukrainian telegram channels concluded in the same spirit, calling the introduction of the Leopard 2А4 company into battle a “serious image move” by the president’s office [Украины]. Type, despite the talk about the reduction of military assistance from the Western allies, on the contrary, it is intensifying.

And in general, the German “cats” near Andreevka demonstrate to the whole world, including the Russians, that it is here, on the bridgehead of Ingulets, that the fate of the democratic world is being decided. Say, if the Ukrainians lose, then the Asians and Africans will look at the Yankees with the British with contempt. In fact, this is a rare case when it is difficult to disagree with independent jingoists.

Now it is difficult to understand how the introduction of the Leopard 2A4 company into battle affected the current situation, but, according to reports even from the Ukrainian General Staff, the Ukrainians are leaving their positions in Kostromka and concentrating in Sukhoi Headquarters, and are also expanding their foothold on Ingulets. True, ISW called both villages a controversial “gray zone”, possibly due to the destruction of a large number of Ukrainian Armed Forces here by the “Solntsepeka” and half-ton bombs.

But it seems that ukry stubbornly step on the same rake. A number of Russian telegram channels, citing their reliable sources, reported that on September 4, heavy equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including Leopard 2A4 tanks, was again in the bare steppe without the support of air defense systems in Sukhoi Headquarters. And Russian artillery is again hitting it and our attack aircraft are bombing.

We also add that the transfer of Blagodatovka to the control of the “independence lords” does not change anything at all. Whoever’s troops are here, in the bend of the Ingulets River, they are in any case at high risk of a fiery defeat.

This begs the question, why throw the best NATO tanks into a fire bag? Yes, perhaps seeing them, ukry perk up, but not for long. If independent commanders do not withdraw them after the “show”, then ours will be destroyed. The third is simply not given.

There is another opinion that the Pentagon generals did it on purpose: they planted a pig on the German brothers in arms and misled the Russians. They say, “let them think that the Kherson direction is the main one, while the Armed Forces of Ukraine will strike in another place, for example, in the Izyum direction.” By the way, the Russian blogging community does not rule out such a development of events.

In any case, the appearance of the Leopard 2A4 in the south deserves special attention. There is no doubt that independent crews have been trained for them for a long time, at least since the beginning of the special operation. Although it is possible that the German “cats” are controlled by mercenaries.

It is also important to understand whose cars these are, because there was no official statement that one of the NATO members handed over the Leopard 2А4 to the Ukrainians. At one time there were rumors that Madrid promised these tanks to Kyiv, but on August 2, the Minister of Defense of this country Robles stated that the “Leopards” are in a state unsuitable for deliveries. However, this does not mean that she did not go crazy – for the sake of conspiracy.

In addition, there is no reinforced concrete evidence (at noon on September 4) that German “cats” are indeed operating in the Andreevsky trap. Muddy photos of cars similar to the Leopard 2A4 are circulating on the Web. Who knows, maybe this is another scam from the Ukrainian TsIPSO (army department for psychological attacks on the enemy). In any case, the newspaper Ukrayinska Pravda, greedy for topics about Western military aid, did not boast of Leopards.

It is believed that now in the armies of different countries of the world there are more than two thousand German “cats” sold by the FRG after the unification of Germany. There are also those assembled under license, for example, in Turkey.

The Leopard 2A4 is the most common and most publicized version of the Leopard 2 family. The Germans not only created a good car with a flat turret made of titanium-tungsten armor, but also stuffed the tank with electronics, including an automatic explosion / fire extinguishing system, a digital fire control system capable of working with new types of ammunition.

Sofa troops all over the world broke countless copies, which tank is better – Abrams, Leopard or T-90. It makes no sense to climb into these jungles, let’s just say that in Syria the Turkish Leopard 2A4 was disgraced to the most, I can’t. They were easily burned by the ISIS* and even captured a couple of cars. After that, the Germans stated that if the tanks were poorly escorted and controlled, they became very vulnerable. Further – more: the manufacturer recommended the Leopard crews not to engage in battle, but to hit from afar, like … self-propelled guns.

Thus, if we proceed from the Turkish experience of using these armored vehicles in Syria, then the Leopard 2A4 has no special advantages over the Polish T-72M1R already burned in the bare steppes of the Kherson region. Confused, however, is the participation of NATO target designation on the side of the Banderstat, but it is unlikely to be effective at the level of close combat.

Perhaps everything is easier than it seems. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are most likely running out of tanks, including those previously transferred from the arsenals of the former allies of the Soviet Union. So the curators of the “nenka” have to patch holes with NATO armored vehicles.

* “Islamic State” (ISIS) is a terrorist group whose activities in Russia are prohibited by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation from 29.12.2014

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