Sep 15, 2021
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“Taming Monetochka’s naughty hair”: stylist Aysel Movlaeva told how to cope with the singer’s hairstyle

“If I was paid every time, every time I think of you” – everyone knows these lines from a popular song, or at least heard them at least once.

Loud echoes throughout the country swept the nickname Monetochka. A bright pop singer, poet and composer, Elizaveta Gyrdymova, attracts attention with her alien appearance, and the cosmic image of the star is complemented by shining and airy curls.

Aisel Movlaeva, a stylist, curl specialist, founder of the salon and brand of curly hair care products ICE CURLY, spoke about what type of hair the singer has and how she looks after them

“When we are chosen by prominent representatives of modern culture, we are proud. But it is especially valuable if they become our regular guests and friends. Monetochka has very thin hair, airy, light, just like angelic curls. Such hair can be easily overweight and overmoistened, which is why the balance between products and water is so important, ”said Aysel Movlaeva.

By the way, Aysel Movlaeva is opening a new branch of the Ice Curly concept salon. On September 21, there will be a beauty evening in honor of the opening and Irina Shikhman, singer Monetochka and other owners of curly hair and fans of the brand will be the guest of honor.

What type of hair does Monetochka have and how to care for them at home

When you think of Monetochka, an association arises with an airy dandelion, whose umbrellas naturally sway at the base of the flower. The singer’s hair is thin and dry in structure, which is why they need the right care.

At home, owners of the same hair type as Monetochka should adhere to the curly girl method (cgm).

First rule. Washing curly hair is recommended with a sulfate-free shampoo, but you should pay attention to the type of head. If the skin is oily, then this shampoo may not be enough. A properly cleansed scalp is the first step towards volume.

The second melted. Moisturizing and nourishing hair. Apply a conditioner or mask, but try to avoid the area near the roots so as not to weigh down the roots.

Third rule. Eliminate silicones from home care, try not to comb your hair dry and keep it moisturized. There is a useful life hack that will make life easier, this is the pineapple hairstyle. This is when, before going to bed, the hair is collected in a high, not tight ponytail at the back of the head.

Fourth rule. Use a microfiber hood instead of a terry towel. To maintain sufficient moisture in your hair, you should use a microfiber cloth as it absorbs less water.

Fifth rule. Correctly selected hair styling cosmetics are the hallmark of a luxurious hairstyle. It is important to remember that the product is applied generously to the hair using squeezing finger movements.

Procedures that were performed by Monetochka in the ICE CURLY salon

In the “secret room” for curly hair in the ICE CURLY salon, Singer Monetochka was cut exclusively for dry hair, taking into account the individuality of each curl. The haircut was done by a professional curl master using a unique technique for dry hair. This method allows the master in the process to create the ideal shape and length of each curl. In this case, a comb is not used, which stretches and deforms the curls. Each curl is cut separately, due to this, the procedure takes a lot of time. But only if all the conditions are met, the haircut will be successful.

The next step is leaving. The “deep hair moisturizing” procedure was performed for the loud-voiced artist, during which the hair receives maximum moisture and nourishment.

Once the hair has been hydrated and nourished, it needs to be shaped. With the help of styling, an individual look is created that reveals the full true potential of each curl.

For styling, we used products from the ICE CURLY brand:


The gel creates a light and voluminous styling. Eliminates frizz and thickens fine hair. The sensory and weightless composition of the product eliminates the electrolysis of the hair, gives it shine and a healthy look without weighing it down.


The spray is suitable for all types of curls. Prevents tangles, softens hair, making it smoother and more manageable. The composition of the product is rich in minerals, amino acids, polysaccharides and proteins contained in the Senegalese Acacia concentrate.


Foam for root volume and air styling, suitable for any type. The unique composition of the product allows you to nourish and moisturize the hair, without excessive weight and grease, and also protects the hair from external factors and oxidative stress.

All of these tools work well with each other. ICE CURLY cosmetics allow you to come up with many combinations, ranging from simple to complex.

The stars trust their curly hair to the ICE CURLY salon and become regular customers. ICE CURLY has never been just a salon, it is a place where no one will look at curls as something indistinct that urgently needs to be fixed, straightened and smoothed. Absolutely all curls and waves are loved here!

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