Nov 4, 2022
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Tamara Globa predicted quarrels, problems and cataclysms in November 2022


Astrologer Tamara Globa made a forecast for the signs of the zodiac for November.

Already next week, November 8 at 2 o’clock Moscow time, we are waiting for a lunar eclipse. Astrologer Tamara Globa revealed what to expect in this and the next period for each of the signs of the zodiac.

Of course, Globa touched upon a political agenda that worries many. “The events concern coups in many countries. They will affect politics, public life, and, of course, business. The past business will become a thing of the past. What people once accumulated over the subsequent period of 30 years coming to this eclipse will gradually become a thing of the past and new structures will subsequently form.”, she noted.

According to the astrologer, many who are used to a routine way of earning money will fail, but there is no need to be afraid to start a new life. The days from 6 to 10 November will bring events that will be reflected until the end of November. These are problems with technology, transport, flights, moving, and they will also be associated with energy. This can affect almost all countries, energy problems. Natural riots and problems related to floods and earthquakes will join them.

Tamara also reminded about health care. “The eclipse brings mental exacerbations, health problems, problems with blood vessels. If someone screwed up badly in the past, then this month it is quite possible that there will not only be a witch hunt, but real slips will show up, she continued. – The active opposition of the military forces, disputes and rebellion that walk among the people will also bring unity of spirit in parallel with the events that bring explosive moments. The days of increased accident rate this month are November 2, 3, 4, from November 6 to 9, November 11, 16, 19, 21, 25 and 29“.

Tamara Globa - photo from the archive -
Tamara Globa – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”


November is a period that requires increased attention, especially in the first half of the month. Be careful driving and health issues. Losses and expenses are possible. Especially on moon eclipses. In addition, the second half of the month will bring you returns, there will be a period of possible travels, interesting offers away from home, and away from home you will find love and success, the support of others and the attention of those around you.


At this time, you will pay all attention to your partners: personal and business. You need to show it to children and loved ones, as well as control your health. Do not argue with others, try during this period not to quarrel with those who are dear to you from scratch, because stubbornness leads you to events that may not be very pleasant for you. Be mindful of property at the end of November because there may be increased costs.


Take care of yourself on the roads, conflicts with colleagues and colleagues are possible. Be attentive to learning issues. The controversy surrounding your work will peak during the eclipse period. This time from 6 to 11 November. You should pay attention to health, situations may arise behind your back that will not only undermine your health, but will require control of what is happening to your finances. Losses, thefts are possible, which will appear a little later. Support your family, take care of your loved ones.


For you, this period is quite successful, despite the difficulties that this sign also expects. This month you will experience a creative upsurge. The period when your word will have weight. This is a good time for children, creativity, intellectual work, even during a critical period. This is the time of love, the time of new relationships. Old connections will return, old contacts will also remind of themselves. It is quite possible that you will part with many of them. Unfortunately, this month you may lose the friends you made this year, or the plans you and your friends made a little earlier will collapse. Short projects will be successful. Take care of friendship if it is dear to you. There will be a lot of work, especially in the second half of November.

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You need to pay attention to career and housing issues, changes in these issues are possible. Parents need to be protected. The affairs and health of your parents will bother you especially in the 1st half of the month, but they can move on to December. Support children, friends, loved ones. This is a period of creativity, personal success, it is quite possible intellectual. You will succeed in many plans.


The month will bring quite a lot of fuss, a lot of things that will also concern the house. Events that will excite you: the affairs of relatives, issues of study, travel, travel, life.


November is a month of profit and loss. There will be many changes that will affect the present, plans for the future, and unexpected losses will arise. Income will exceed expenses, but not always. You will have to make repairs, investments, unexpected events associated with the loss of friends. It will be a great opportunity to restore old connections. This is mid-November. In the third decade there will be success away from home.


Expects a lot of important and interesting events related to your children, love, matters related to work and creativity. But you have to deal with opponents, there will be disputes, conflicts. Take care of your loved ones. The second half of November will bring material success, earning opportunities.


Work can bring you surprises, be attentive to your employees. It is possible to change the team. There will be changes at work. In the second half of the month, your words, deeds, charm will play a huge role in promoting your business. Throughout the month, you will feel best at home, as real estate issues will be resolved most successfully.


November is full of plans. A period when old friends will come into your life and help you and support you. But at the same time, you may lose a friend. Try not to quarrel out of nowhere. Children will have difficulties and problems. You must support them.


The questions of moving will suddenly arise, and questions related to the old career, previous affairs, and success will also return to you. It is possible that there will also be a critical change in the work. You will not be left without finance, there will be a good opportunity to earn money, successful people will help you. Rely on friends, do not refuse help.


The month will be filled with events: fun, interesting and critical. You will pay attention to friends from afar. Plans away from home, work in other parts. This is the time that will require attention to training and contacts. Take care of your relatives, health, it is better to postpone trips to the second half of November. There will be interesting ideas and suggestions.

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