Jun 18, 2022
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Tamara Globa made a prediction for the near future


Astrologer Tamara Globa said that the parade of planets will not pass just like that for anyone.

Throughout June, we watch the parade of the planets: Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Uranus and Mercury line up in the night sky. And in the period of June 21 – 26, the Moon will also join them. But the planets will line up in one line only on June 23-24. It will be possible to watch this spectacle in all its glory at 2-3 am Moscow time. And this cannot but affect the inhabitants of our planet.

For an observer from the Earth, the planets will line up in a single row in the image and likeness of a military army, and this concentrated energy is similar to the Power of a huge Hammer, spun by the Demiurges in outer space. It always brings powerful turns in world events of the Earth, influences the fate of mankind, economy, politics, nature and laws.”, explains the famous astrologer Tamara Globa in her Telegram channel.

Tamara Globa - photo from the archive -
Tamara Globa – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

This powerful energy can manifest itself in different ways in the destinies of people.

For some, the Parade of the Planets brings a loss of strength, health, someone falls, losing the height of their previous position, someone concentrates their energy, moves to a new level, takes another height, and someone takes off rapidly like a Comet. A long flight or a short moment of glory decides the personal fate of a person and even a phenomenon. But for no one, the events of the Parade of the Planets will not go unnoticed.“Globa warns.

She advises to look for new ways for realization, not to be afraid to fall, to make mistakes, but each time fearlessly take off to new heights.

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