Sep 15, 2021
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Tallinn is going to “clean up” from the Russian language

Isamaa party promised to teach residents of the capital of Estonia to even think in Estonian

On the eve of the municipal elections in Estonia, some parties are betting on Russian-speaking voters, not skimping on promises and even talking live in Russian. Others, on the contrary, promise to completely “cleanse” the country from the Russian language.

They promise to do a “cleanup” in Tallinn (they will start from the capital – there is most of all Russian) “patriots” from the party Fatherland (Fatherland), who presented the Tallinn Plan for the Protection of the Estonian Language to the public. In other words, they plan to defend the Estonian language by destroying the Russian language. And very soon – after the fulfillment of the plan – the capital will become “Estonian in language and outlook.”

First of all, the “patriots” plan to create a “Council for the Protection of the Language”, which will fight against the Russian language in education.

The Council will be chaired by the ex-head of the language department March of Ranutawho will receive broad powers, including the right to fire school principals who do not speak Estonian “at the right level”.

In the “Plan” presented Fatherland, it is said that all employees of city institutions and enterprises, one way or another related to education, must pass a test for the level of proficiency in Estonian. And in the event that this level is not high enough, immediately dismiss. All school principals who do not speak the state language fluently are also subject to dismissal. By the way, the same applies to taxi drivers.

The fact of the presence in the capital of signs and signs in Russian is especially noted, which will need to be eliminated as soon as possible. And by December of this year, the Council must submit a plan to transfer all Russian-language schools and kindergartens into Estonian, which contradicts the Prime Minister’s promise to do this within ten years.

“This year it is necessary to present to the Tallinn City Council a concrete practical plan for the transition of Russian-language schools and kindergartens to Estonian-language education”,

– the press service of the party reports.

Party candidate for mayor of Tallinn Fatherland Urmas Reinsalu went even further and promised to make Tallinn not only speak Estonian, but also think in Estonian, and he knows exactly how to achieve this.

“The measures and steps we propose relate not only to education, but to the entire urban space. For this, we have created a separate Tallinn Council for the Protection and Development of the Estonian Language. And we know exactly what needs to be done in order for the entire population of Tallinn to start thinking in Estonian “,

– declared Reinsalu.

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