Nov 9, 2021
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Tallinn calls for an increase in NATO contingent in the country

“Estonia is approaching a national health disaster”

Hundreds of migrants who tried to get to Poland made an impression on the Baltic states, which immediately demanded new sanctions against Belarus. But Estonian Defense Minister sounds the loudest alarm Kalle Laanet, although Estonia has not yet faced the migration crisis, it is helping neighboring countries to cope with it. Tallinn does not forget to remind about this help at every opportunity. But today the head of the Estonian Defense Ministry is alarmed, he is sure that the situation is the most difficult in all thirty years of independence of the Baltic countries.

“Since the beginning of the hybrid attack, we have been closely monitoring the situation and contributing to its resolution by sending barbed wire, unmanned aerial vehicles, and more recently a military police group. The Estonian Internal Security Forces also made a significant contribution to resolving the situation. Unfortunately, there are no signs of de-escalation on the part of the Belarusian regime. Collectively, this is the worst security crisis for our region, NATO and the European Union in decades, ”

– stated in the official statement of the Estonian Ministry of Defense.

The minister promised to immediately discuss the situation (the arrival of several hundred migrants at the Polish border) with colleagues from Lithuania and Latvia, and then “demonstrate unity and determination” to resist threats. And, of course, Estonia will consider another aid to Lithuania and Poland – how many meters of barbed wire still to send to strengthen the border and how many police officers to allocate to help. But the main thing is that everything that is happening is an excellent reason for increasing the NATO contingent in the Baltic countries, despite the fact that the powers of the military should be expanded.

“The widening escalation of tensions requires a review of NATO’s capabilities in the region. The current situation requires a confident but very attentive attitude. We must fully support our neighboring countries and ensure that not a single step by Belarus or Russia will go unnoticed by us, ”

– assured the head of the Ministry of Defense.

Meanwhile, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Stolitsa” Alexander Chaplygin warns that the situation with covid in Estonia is so serious that we can already talk about a catastrophe and now is not the time to deal with problems on the Polish border, as well as conducting endless military exercises together with NATO. For example, the next, largest in scale, military exercises called Total 21 (“Monster from the North”), in which more than a thousand soldiers from both Estonia and NATO countries take part. Spending huge public funds on military exercises, the state cannot afford to build a separate hospital for patients with COVID-19. As a result, 500 people were hospitalized with a population of 1.3 million, and Estonian health care was on the verge of collapse.

“However, our governments are concerned about other problems. In a pandemic, Estonia is increasing military spending. We have reached full political consensus on this issue. There is no such consensus on public health and additional funding for health care. Estonia, meanwhile, is approaching a national catastrophe as deaths from untimely medical care are about to be added to deaths from covid. We’re on the edge. And we are ready to cross it “,

Chaplygin said.

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