May 14, 2022
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Taliban threaten Moscow with a visit

Taliban threatens Moscow with a visit

Photo: AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko, Pool/TASS

The fact that Kabul intends to send a government delegation to Moscow was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the charge d’affaires of Afghanistan in Russia. Jamal Nasir Garhwal.

According to a senior diplomat, Kabul is looking forward to this, but he did not name the date of the proposed visit.

After some time, the special representative of the President of Russia for Afghanistan, director of the Second Asia Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Zamir Kabulov said that official information that representatives of the interim government of Afghanistan intend to visit Kabul has not yet been received.

But for sure the visit is a matter of time. Sooner or later, the Taliban* will officially express their desire to clearly define their relationship with their influential northern neighbor, Russia.

The same Jamal Nasir Garwal, who slightly puzzled the Russian Foreign Ministry with the news of an imminent meeting with bearded “students”, hopes that Russia will become the first country to officially recognize the Taliban government. He stated this in an interview with RIA Novosti. “We especially want Russia to be the first country to officially do this – acknowledge,” the Afghan diplomat said.

Garhwal also said that the Afghan authorities intend to expand economic cooperation with Russia, especially on gas and oil purchases. And the prospects are not limited to them! Afghanistan, according to him, is ready to make every effort that, with the help of Russia, the construction of the TAPI gas pipeline, which should pass through Afghan territory, has continued. He is talking about the main gas pipeline that runs from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India and is capable of supplying 33 billion cubic meters of gas per year. The project was supposed to be launched back in 2017, but it did not grow together. The Afghans also want investment and cooperation in business and finance.

Garhwal has been representing his country in Moscow since April of this goal. At the same time, the Russian Foreign Ministry emphasizes that the issuance of accreditation to a diplomat from the Taliban government does not mean their official recognition by Moscow. According to Sergei Lavrov“Russia wants to move towards full diplomatic recognition of the new authorities in Afghanistan, on the understanding that they will keep their promise and create an inclusive government.”

The catch is that the Taliban is recognized as a terrorist organization in Russia and its activities are banned.

But it must be admitted that Afghanistan, regardless of who they currently have in power, is a tasty morsel in many respects. Otherwise, the Americans would not have sat there so stubbornly. Yes, and the British were ready to hit the wall against the wall, if only this country remained their colony. It is not for nothing that it is called the Heart of Central Asia. Whoever controls Afghanistan controls the entire region. In addition, the local lands are a storehouse of minerals: coal, precious metals, beryllium, copper, iron, manganese ores, sulfur, salt, marble, lapis lazuli, celestite, natural gas, oil …

And with a high degree of probability, all this will be acquired by the one who acts according to the principle: whoever gets up first gets the slippers. But should Russia be the first to recognize the Taliban government?

It should have been done a long time ago, the expert believes Mikhail Alexandrov.

– Why pull? The Taliban, the enemies of the Americans, defeated them. Therefore, the Americans want to weaken them by any means. And for some reason our position on Afghanistan is in line with the United States. We put forward some demands to the Taliban, such as that they include in the government not only representatives of national minorities, but also of all parties. It’s the same as if Russia was required to include representatives in the government Navalny**, For example. Such claims are put forward to justify why they cannot recognize the government as legitimate. I believe that we now need to take advantage of the situation and strengthen relations with Afghanistan, which will become our strategic partner in the region. And there is nothing to be ashamed of.

The expert recalls that at present international law is actually no longer valid, the United States and Western European countries are reshaping the world in their own interests. And Russia has every right to act in its own.

“First, we need to stop considering the Taliban a terrorist organization. We have already held talks with them, they have come to Moscow, certain contacts are being maintained. And then – to recognize their government and start building mutually beneficial relations.

But there are some circumstances that make it difficult to recognize the legitimacy of the current Afghan authorities, recalls political scientist Sergei Markov.

“Concrete action is required from the Taliban. The most important thing is not to support the attacks of the Islamic State Vilayat Khorasan *** unit from the territory of Afghanistan. This structure has its branch in Afghanistan. The Taliban had a difficult relationship with them: at the beginning they were in conflict, then they fought together against the Americans. When the Taliban came to power, the conflict arose again. But now they interact. Russia demands that there be no bases of this “Vilayat” on Afghan soil, and that attacks on the regions of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan bordering Afghanistan, which are allies of Russia, stop. The media practically does not write about these attacks, there is little information about this, but they do take place. And Russia, taking care of the safety of its allies, demands their termination. This is the first. And secondly, the government must give guarantees that Afghans who studied or worked in Russia will not be subjected to repression by the new government. If these conditions are met, it will be possible to talk about recognition.

Russia maintains contacts with the Afghan government and is negotiating just to convince him to abandon terrorist practices, the political scientist explained.

* The Taliban movement was recognized as a terrorist organization by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on February 14, 2003, and its activities in Russia are prohibited.

** Alexey Navalny is included by Rosfinmonitoring in the list of organizations and individuals in relation to which there is information about their involvement in extremist activities or terrorism.

*** Vilayat Khorasan is a branch of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Islamic State (ISIS, ISIS) by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation from 29.12.2014. recognized as a terrorist organization, its activities in Russia are prohibited.

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