Oct 7, 2021
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Taliban * prepare to invade Tajikistan

oto: Saifurahman Safi / XinHua /

The militants announced this in their closed communication channels.

The head of the Tajik Taliban * from Jamaat Ansarullah, Mahdi Arsalan, said he was ready to invade Tajikistan. This is reported by the telegram channel Reverse side of the medal with reference to the closed resources of the militants.

Mahdi is the head of several territories in Afghanistan, just bordering the Darvoz region and the Shamsiddin Shokhin region of Tajikistan.

Recall that one of the largest Russian military bases outside the country is located in Tajikistan, which is included in the headquarters of the Central Military District.

Earlier, the Taliban issued a warning to the Tajik authorities, indicating that interference in the affairs of Afghanistan would entail consequences.

At the end of September, Russia recorded an increase in the concentration of Afghan and Tajik troops on the common border. The Foreign Ministry called on Kabul and Dushanbe to search for mutually acceptable options for resolving the situation.

* organization banned in Russia

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