Oct 9, 2021
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"Taliban"* and the US made peace? Afghanistan talks about Washington’s promise

Taliban and US made peace? In Afghanistan, they talked about the promise of Washington. According to the Foreign Minister of the country’s interim government, the new leadership of the republic presented its demands to the American delegation during the talks in Doha.

Foreign Minister of the interim Afghan government, created by the Taliban group, Amir Khan Muttaki, told the press about the negotiations with the American authorities, which are taking place in Doha.

This is the first such meeting after the seizure of the republic by the militants, as well as the first visit of the new leadership of the country abroad. According to the minister, the parties talked about a “new page” in bilateral relations between states.

The members of the delegation from Afghanistan presented a number of demands to Washington: they ask to observe the borders of the republic’s airspace, abandon any manifestations of internal interference and restore access to foreign assets of the state.

Meanwhile, US officials have promised to arrange for the supply of vaccines against COVID-19 to the republic. The meeting also discussed the sending of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and the observance of the peace agreements signed in the capital of Qatar.

Muttaki added that the parties will continue consultations until the end of October 9 and will return to them tomorrow.

* Taliban – a terrorist organization whose activities are prohibited in Russia.

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