Oct 27, 2021
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Taiwan card becomes a trump card

The “one China” policy has lost practical significance for the United States

There has been a shift in relations between the United States and the rest of the world that has brought a new meaning to the international environment.

“We don’t want a cold war with China, – says Joe Biden. “Washington will continue to adhere to the” one China “policy towards the PRC.”… Wherein “Washington stands ready to keep Taiwan safe if the island comes under attack.”… What is it like? If Taiwan is China (as implied by the “one China” doctrine), then how can the US support one part of China against another part of it? Nor does Lloyd Austin’s statement make it clear: “Nobody wants tensions to escalate into open conflict, and this is definitely not President Biden, and there is no reason for that to happen. We will continue to help Taiwan with everything necessary for their self-defense. We will continue to focus on this ”.

That is, Washington offers Beijing to agree to the annexation of the Taiwanese part of China, since “this is not a reason for an open conflict.” For this, the American president requested additional military powers from Congress.

Congressional Democrats are in favor of Biden “showing his muscles” if China attacks Taiwan, and “even if any military action against China poses a risk of nuclear war.” Don’t want a cold war because I want a hot one? The Republicans also made a head start by preparing a draft law on preventing the invasion of Taiwan, which allows the use of armed forces “to defend the island” in the event of an attack by the PRC army. If the project becomes law, Biden will no longer need to rant about “one China.”

For over a year now, US Special Forces and the US Marine Corps have been in Taiwan and have been training Taiwanese Marines on their Chinese tribesmen. US allies in Brussels were desperate to understand Washington’s intentions, so NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg refused to answer a direct question about the possible interference of the alliance in the conflict if Taiwan is attacked.

The last American Marine left Taiwan in 1972. Then the United States stopped officially recognizing the Kuomintang Republic of China with a government in Taipei, recognizing the People’s Republic of China with a government in Beijing. It was officially recognized by the United States, Britain, Australia, and most Western states, which today inspire their citizens that Taiwan is an independent state.

Look at paragraph 12 of the Shanghai Communiqué, signed on February 28, 1972 by American President Richard Nixon, and you will have no doubt that Western politicians are lying. “The United States recognizes that all Chinese on both sides of the Taiwan Strait claim that there is only one China and that Taiwan is part of China. The United States government does not dispute this position. It reaffirms its interest in a peaceful settlement of the Taiwan issue by the Chinese themselves. With this perspective in mind, it confirms the ultimate goal of the withdrawal of all American troops and military facilities from Taiwan … “

The “one China” policy was not an invention of the PRC; it was a joint decision of the PRC and the United States. However, over the past 20 years, Western governments and their media have misled the public into thinking that Taiwan is an independent state. For what? The United States prints the dollars on which the world trade is based, which provides America with world domination. However, this entire dollar structure is now tilting more and more on its side, not without the help of China. And what are the previous treaties, if the structure has nothing but the army to support?

Small Taiwan is 18th in the world in terms of GDP and 24th in investment and foreign trade. Taiwanese company TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) produces about 56 percent of semiconductor chips. For comparison: the second place in the world for Global foundries (USA), and this is only 9.4 percent. Chips in Taiwan are received by such electronics giants as HiSilicon, MediaTek, Realtek, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Xilinx, Apple, Intel and … Chinese Huawei, the world’s largest telecommunications company. Having torn away Taiwan from China, the States will immediately be able to prop up their high tech by semiconductor strangulation of China.

The Chinese themselves are helping the Americans in this struggle. Those who have lived in Taiwan for many centuries, and those who fled there with Chiang Kai-shek in 1949. In January 2020, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won the parliamentary elections in Taiwan. Its leader Tsai Ing-wen won a landslide victory in the presidential elections. The party is in favor of Taiwan’s independence, and it would have been declared long ago if not for Beijing. Meanwhile, the Biden administration wants to play the Taiwan card as quickly as possible.

Tea Inven

Tea Inven

A hundred American Marines in Taiwan is a trifle. More than 70 years have passed since the Korean War, and more than 28,000 American soldiers are still in the south of the Korean Peninsula. It is the third largest American military contingent outside the United States after Japan and Germany. Japan, the closest neighbor in the East China Sea, is crammed with American military bases.

Preparing to send a new ambassador to the Celestial Empire, Joe Biden proposed Nicholas Burns in this capacity (Nicholas Burns)… Upon approval by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Burns was eloquent: “China is not an Olympic power (it is clear that the world Olympus must belong to the United States. – EP)… China has many strengths … but there are also weaknesses that the US can use to its advantage … China has few friends. It has no real allies, while Washington has 29 allies and many treaty partners. “… Therefore, the “one China” policy has lost its practical significance for the United States.

Cover photo: REUTERS / Ann Wang

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