Sep 7, 2022
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Taisiya Povaliy received a treacherous award


The son of the singer Taisiya Povaliy spoke about the fate of his mother.

In Ukraine, Taisiya Povaliy is criticized for continuing to perform in Russia. The artist’s son Denis tried to explain to the ill-wishers why this happened.

According to Denis, his mother has long been ridiculed in her native Ukraine, perhaps that is why she decided to leave here.

Let me remind you of the backstory: 2004, our family flees from Kyiv after the threat of reprisals because of campaigning for Yanukovych. 2014 – a couple of artists are again selected – Ani Lorak and Taisiya Povaliy, who regularly appear on Russian television, and they are awarded the honorary title “Traitor of Ukraine”. 2019 – under Zelensky’s mother, already after the posters for the first anniversary concert in Kyiv in 15 years were hung up, they refuse to rent the recreation center “Ukraine” under some vague pretext”, — shared the 39-year-old heir Povaliy in his personal blog.

Taisiya Povaliy - photo from the archive -
Taisiya Povaliy – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Taisiya Nikolaevna herself prefers not to react to negativity and not pay attention to what famous people say about her.

Very painful. Somehow I can’t believe that all this is happening with Taisiya … She burned the bridges, probably. There is some line, and she crossed this line”, — complained actress Olga Sumskaya.

Denis tries to protect his mother, but he cannot fight off the negativity towards his family. “I really want to take off, but I only have the strength to crawl. It seems that there is little anxiety in the soul, but the future is still foggy. The mood is to wipe the dusty baseboard. “Somehow it will collapse,” you write on your pages with smiles. Don’t just come here about mom, okay? This is a completely separate story, I have nothing to do with it!‘, he kind of confided.

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