Mar 6, 2021
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Tafgay Nazarov overtook Panarin

Tafgay Nazarov overtook Panarin

An amazing story happened the other day when Russian hockey player of the American club “New York Rangers” Artemy Panarin was torpedoed by a “rocket from the past” launched by his former head coach Andrey Nazarov.


Former coach of Vityaz, the first Russian tough guy (aggressive defender, intimidating key opponents) in the NHL Andrei Nazarov gave an interview to Komsomolskaya Pravda on February 20. The most striking quote sounded like this: “There was one unpleasant incident that happened to Artemy in the early 2010s. And I would not have remembered him if not for the behavior of Panarin, with whom we worked closely at Vityaz, which I have recently seen with him in the States …

On December 11, 2011 in Riga our “Vityaz” lost to the local “Dynamo” with a score of 0: 2. Panarin managed to shoot at goal only a few times during the whole match. It seems that he saved energy for the evening “feats”.

We were to fly to Minsk in the morning. Most of the hockey players went to rest by their numbers. Except for a few legionnaires and Artemy. And so he took a walk in the bar of the Radisson Hotel. Moreover, during the evening rest, our striker sent an 18-year-old citizen of Latvia to the floor with several powerful blows. After beating the girl, he hurried to the room, asking to bring his teammate Misha Anisin. But the police arrived quickly. Panarin was detained. They drew up a protocol. A real time was shining for him. But the authoritative residents of Riga stood up for Panarin. Negotiations were held with the police authorities. I heard about the figure of 40 thousand euros in cash for putting the brakes on the case. As a result, they did not initiate a criminal case ”.

Here it is necessary to clarify that Artemy Panarin has recently become famous for speaking out against the President of Russia and expressing dissatisfaction with the order in the country, and also actively supported the liberals and Alexei Navalny. But Nazarov, on the contrary, just stood on the side of the authorities and made powerful statements corresponding to the “party line”.


But Nazarov hardly suspected that his speech in the Russian press would be so bombarded overseas. By evening, his words were translated in America, and the New York Rangers strongly advised Panarin to take a vacation at his own expense.

The club said that they fully support Artemy and that he became a “victim of the regime.” They say that in Russia they fabricated an invention in order to take revenge on Panarin in response to his words about Putin. But at the same time, everyone in America tensed, because raising a hand against a woman is a terrible sin and for this you can lose the rest of the contract. And this, by the way, is $ 60 million.

And then a witness appeared – Mikhail Anisin, a former player of Vityaz, who was then sitting with Panarin in the bar. He seemed to be defending Artemy, but admitted that the police arrived that day, that Panarin pushed the girl when he was drunk, and that he generally behaved like a boor.

Artemia can only be saved here by the fact that the police never opened a criminal case against him in 2011, released him from the country, and the beatings were not removed from the girl.

How did it end? It seemed that the matter began to subside. Nazarov said that he no longer saw the point in pedaling the topic. And he does not want to meet with Panarin even by chance, because this person is unpleasant to him.

But look, the Russian Ice Hockey Federation did not comment on this story in any way, generally reacted coldly to it. Many thought this was a sure sign that Panarin was no longer expected in the Russian national team, where free-thinkers were not needed. Up there, federations can be forgiven even for losing major tournaments, but not such statements.

And Panarin is not returning to the Rangers. What if the New Yorkers use the pretext and terminate the contract with Artemy? Now, after all, there is a pandemic, you need to save money, and a shadow on the club’s reputation has already been cast.

All in all, it can be funny. Panarin played for Russian clubs. And he was silent. When he signed a seven-year contract with the Rangers for $ 81.5 million and bought a house in the vicinity of New York, he suddenly began to criticize Russia. But what if he has to return to this very Russia? An incident, and nothing more.

Stepan Stroyev.

Photo: A. Kudenko / RIA Novosti,


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