Oct 25, 2021
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TAC: Putin opened the eyes of the West to the dangerous consequences of abandoning traditional values


TAC: Putin opened the eyes of the West to the dangerous consequences of abandoning traditional values
Administration of the President of Russia

During Putin’s speech at the Valdai Forum, the head of state spoke about the new trends in the West to erase boundaries in the family and abandon the traditional roles of “mom” and “dad”. According to the Russian president, such tendencies are “paralysis” and lead to social upheavals.

The American edition agreed with Putin’s opinion and suggested looking at this problem more broadly, since it directly concerns the United States. Writer and journalist Rod Dreher believes that the Russian president opened the eyes of the Americans and called for an example from Russia. He also cited Hungary as an example. The government of incumbent Prime Minister Viktor Orban continues to defend traditional ideas and values, believing that the best state institutions are dictated by the culture, history and climate of the country. At the same time, the Budapest authorities are not afraid to declare this and enter into open confrontation with Brussels, which promotes liberal ideas throughout the European Union.

Readers of the American edition also support Putin’s position and believe that liberal media and IT corporations are destroying the country and fundamental values.

“Nothing Putin said was that remarkable. All this is obvious to anyone who has eyes. It is noteworthy that the Western liberal elites DO NOT see this. They are locked in their pressure chamber of the left-wing media, which has given rise to a classic case of groupthink and mass psychosis, “- said the reader of the publication.

“Of course Putin is right. The left is going to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. The part of the article that asks why we allow the left to have so much power is absolutely undeniable. They have it because they have been honored to conquer it. They control the media, education systems and all of popular culture, ”commented an American web user.

Earlier in NewInform: British Daily Mail readers agree with Putin’s position on gender reassignment in children.

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