Aug 28, 2022
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Table fan – the best solution for home

Table fan - the best solution for homeTable fan - the best solution for home

If you are tormented by the heat in the summer, and buying a split system in each room of the apartment is expensive for your wallet, you can find a more budget solution. It can be a fan, which is produced quite a lot today. For example, for those who often work at the computer and for those who have a small living space, the ideal solution is to buy a desktop fan, which is quite compact and powerful. Of course, you can choose another device, the main thing is to study the range and understand what is best for you.

Types of fans

In the store, when choosing this technique, eyes run wide. Fans can be:

  • floor;
  • desktop;
  • columned;
  • ceiling.

The floor type of the device is considered standard. It has a high adjustable leg. Satisfactory power that allows you to work outdoors. Lightweight, portable and spacious. It occupies a certain area in the room, which is not always comfortable. Desktop models of fans are considered the most budgetary. They take up little space and cool a certain area of ​​the room. Due to their compactness, they can be used on the desktop. Modern models can operate on battery power from 2 to 6 hours, or via a USB cable from a computer. The advantage of small fans is transport. They are comfortable to travel with. There are even mini fans with a clothespin at the base. They can be attached to a shelf or an existing ledge. Despite the fragility, modern small coolers have 3 modes of operation.

Column fans are a modernized version of floor fans. They are even lighter than the former and portable. The body is a box (without long blades, gratings and high uncomfortable legs). It can purify the air with a built-in ionizer. A significant disadvantage is the closed case. A lot of dust accumulates inside. Ceiling fans have proven themselves even before the advent of electricity (modern models are powered by an outlet). They are mounted in the middle of the ceiling of the room. The large blades circulate and evenly distribute the air. But the high price and installation difficulties repel most customers.

Why choose a table fan?

Each fan model has its pros and cons. The desktop type of the device combines many advantageous characteristics:

  • compactness. A small miracle of technology can be carried everywhere with you.
  • blower mode selection. Modern models have a speed switch, blade rotation and tilt angle to adjust the required cooling zone.
  • low price. In comparison with other types of fans, the desktop device has the most affordable price.
  • ease of installation. Due to its size, the table fan does not need to be assembled. It is enough to take it out of the box and enjoy the coolness.
  • design. As a rule, table fans look very stylish. They can fit into any interior.

Thus, the table fan stands out from all commercially available types. It is easy to use and does not cost a lot of money.

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