Nov 5, 2021
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Systems and methods of self-development: a selection of useful materials

Systems and methods of self-development: a selection of useful materials

If you are concerned about the direction in which to develop, read our selection of helpful tips.

It is impossible to live and remain at the same level of development. Of course, such a path, of course, exists, but it is a path to nowhere, the fate of an intellectually dead person.

And on the contrary, the desire for personal growth is evidence of a living soul and an inquiring mind, proof of dedication and desire to achieve success, no matter how it is expressed.

In the matter of self-development, in order for it to be harmonious and consistent, three aspects should be considered:

  • physical
  • energetic
  • spiritual

If some of these aspects are not given attention, development will be incomplete, one-sided and can lead to unpredictable results. The problem with most methods of self-development – be it some kind of religion or other systems of self-improvement – is that most of the time this balance is not there.

There are areas of self-development methods in which attention is paid only to the physical aspect, for example, sports. The physical body develops, but energetically and spiritually a person, as a rule, on the contrary, degrades.

In various religious movements, the problem is different – there is emphasis on spiritual development and partly on the energy, while the physical aspect is left without attention. Moreover, some religious movements even call not to take care of the physical body, because it is temporary or even – declared an illusion.

But, if we do not take care of the physical body at all, then sooner or later we will not be able to develop spiritually. Because what kind of development is there when the body begins to fall apart from malnutrition, insufficient physical activity, and so on.

Self-development techniques

Thus, all three aspects of harmonious development should be considered equally. Consider the basic self-development techniques for each of the three aspects:


Here, as a rule, sports come to mind. But, unfortunately, sport is, as someone very rightly noted, physical education, brought to the point of absurdity. We are talking about both professional and partly amateur sports, because even in amateur sports there is a competitive component, and this already has a negative effect both on the body (a person squeezes out all his strength to give the best result) and on consciousness ( the person becomes more selfish).

Therefore, sport in most of its manifestations most often has a little more to do with self-development than nothing. On the other hand, it gives development to some character traits, but at the same time much more negative traits develop.

Therefore, if we talk about physical development, then we are talking only about physical education, which is aimed at increasing physical activity, especially in the era of IT technologies, when even in order to chat with friends, you do not need to leave the house.

Hatha yoga can be called another effective technique for self-development. Hatha yoga more effectively affects the physical body and can have a positive effect not only in terms of preventing diseases, but even their treatment, including severe chronic diseases. And in this regard, simple physical education is most often powerless.

It is an excellent prevention, but if the problem is already running, then, for example, the same running can only additionally harm the joints and the spine. It is also important to remember that the physical body is only a tool for a full-fledged harmonious life, so you should not devote all your free time to working with the body – it is still subject to old age and death, so it is unreasonable to invest unnecessarily in what will inevitably be destroyed.


Energy is primary, matter is secondary. There are energy channels and chakras in the human body. There are three main channels: ida, pingala and sushumna. There are seven main chakras. And depending on which channel the energy flows through and in which chakra it is most active, this is how we will behave, such we will have motivations, aspirations, desires and goals.

Modern society is deliberately focused on energy consumption through the second, less often the third chakra. These chakras are responsible for sense gratification and the accumulation of material goods. And it is precisely these tendencies that prevail in our society today.

And in order to break out of this level higher, a person must limit himself in some way, but this is only half the battle. If energy simply stops being spent, it begins to accumulate at the level of that chakra through which a person is used to spending it, and then, as they say, the pendulum will swing in the other direction – and the person will spend even more energy on his favorite passion.

Therefore, in order to raise energy to a higher level, one must first of all limit oneself in terms of the dependence that possesses a person, and then, again, apply hatha yoga techniques that allow you to raise energy from chakra to chakra.

Also, the level of energy is influenced by purification practices – “shatkarmas”, the practice of meditation and mantra. And on this list, meditation and the use of mantra are the most effective techniques.

However, one should not neglect cleansing practices, at the initial stage they effectively help to advance on the path. All this, of course, is not as easy as it sounds, and even if once you managed to manifest yourself through a higher chakra, this does not mean that addiction will not return again. You will need to gradually accustom yourself to manifest through a higher chakra, and over time, the energy itself will rise to this chakra.


In addition to developing the body and energy, it is also important to work with your mind. It is worth noting that the two previous aspects of self-development have an incredible effect on consciousness. For example, at the physical level, nutrition affects not only the body, but also the consciousness, therefore those who follow the path of spiritual development consciously refuse certain foods, which, as it was found out empirically, negatively affects consciousness.

It is recommended to refrain from killer food, as well as from onions, garlic, mushrooms, and so on. These products coarse our consciousness, cultivate not the best tendencies in it. Thus, food affects our consciousness, and so that improper nutrition does not hinder us on the path of spiritual development, it is recommended to pay attention to this.

Also, as mentioned above, the level of our energetic development affects our consciousness. Therefore, he, too, must be on top. And only if these conditions are fulfilled, harmonious spiritual development is possible.

Reading the scriptures can be recommended as a method of spiritual development. And here the choice is wide enough – everyone can choose the scriptures of that tradition or religion that is closer to him due to cultural, national, ethnic or just personal preferences. Reading scriptures is not only about receiving information, it is also a cleansing practice for our consciousness.

We live in an era when advertising rules the world and a whole kaleidoscope of imposed desires, aspirations, motivations, fears, complexes, delusions and so on is spinning in the head of each of us. And in order to cleanse yourself of this, it is important to take time to read the scriptures. And for this, each text can be read dozens and even hundreds of times.

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