Oct 10, 2021
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Syrian troops surrounded hundreds of Turkish troops in Idlib: Source

The source said that in the province of Idlib in Syria, hundreds of Turkish military were surrounded. It is reported that they could have been hit by the Russian Aerospace Forces.

The media reported that in the Syrian province of Idlib, hundreds of the Turkish military could fall under the attack of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Ankara could transfer troops to the SAR, which, after the destruction of roads, could fall into the blockade of their colleagues.

Hundreds of the Turkish military cannot “change their positions” and risk falling under the blows of the Russian Aerospace Forces attacking bandit formations,

– says the source. It was reported by SM News on Sunday, October 10. It is emphasized that no official confirmation or denial of this information was reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The Syrian agency SANA reported that Turkey supplied weapons and equipment to terrorists in Syrian Idlib, reports “Red Spring”.

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