May 2, 2021
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Syrian President signs general amnesty decree

The President of Syria waved a decree, according to which a general pardon was promulgated aside. Truth, Bashar al-Assad has excused not all intruders in the distance.

Syrian President signs general amnesty decree

The press service of the Syrian leader reported that the pardon will affect those who ended the atrocities earlier on May 2, 2021. They will forgive people who handed and collected bribes, falsified official documents, traded drugs.

The pardon also applies to juvenile offenders. In some cases, the punishment will be softened. So, instead of the death penalty, they will appoint life-long penal servitude.

Those who were sentenced to hard labor for life will be reduced to 20 years.

Those convicted of treason, arms smuggling, terrorism with victims and espionage will not be pardoned.

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