Jan 28, 2021
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Switzerland changes quarantine and PCR rules

Switzerland changes the rules of quarantine and PCR tests for citizens and tourists. To enter the Confederation, it is now necessary to provide a negative analysis for COVID-19, RIA Novosti reports, with reference to a document posted on the government website.

From Thursday, January 28, travelers from countries in an epidemically disadvantaged zone must have a negative PCR test for COVID-19. The analysis must be carried out no later than 72 hours before the trip. Such tourists, as before, are entitled to a ten-day quarantine. But they can get out of it on the seventh day if they pass another PCR test or an antibody test with a negative result.

The new rules apply to everyone arriving from the danger zone, even if they travel by train or by private car. A negative PCR test will be a prerequisite for arriving in the country and for other guests who intend to get to Switzerland by plane from areas that are less dangerous from an epidemiological point of view.

Quarantine measures for residents of the country will become less stringent. For example, those who have been in contact with a sick person now rely on self-isolation for only a week, rather than ten days.

Earlier it was reported that on January 27, regular flights with Vietnam, India, Finland and Qatar were resumed. Now flights Moscow – Hanoi, Moscow – Delhi, Moscow – Helsinki, St. Petersburg – Helsinki, three times a week – Moscow – Doha will be available twice a week.

From March 1, Cyprus opens borders and airports for tourists from all countries. But flights to the UK from Russia are still banned due to a new strain of coronavirus detected there.

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