Jun 2, 2022
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Switzerland blocked the supply of armored vehicles to Ukraine

Switzerland has blocked the transfer of Swiss-made weapons and military equipment by Denmark and Germany to Ukraine. Berne believes that the supplies might damage Switzerland’s neutrality.

Denmark intended to transfer to the Kyiv regime 20 Swiss Piranha III heavy armored personnel carriers, Germany – tank equipment using Swiss parts. For the supply of such weapons to a third country, Copenhagen and Berlin are required to obtain permission from the manufacturing country.

The Swiss authorities are under external pressure. They are required to agree to the transfer of weapons. Vice Chancellor of Germany Robert Habek said that European countries should attend to the support of Ukraine.

The EU is now looking for legal loopholes that would allow Swiss weapons to enter Ukraine. In particular, the wording “transfer of weapons to friendly democratic countries” is proposed. It is planned to characterize Ukraine with such a wording and open up opportunities for the export of Swiss weapons.

In the Swiss parliament, a number of politicians demand that Bern not interfere with the supply of Ukraine. Everything indicates that the internal political confrontation on this issue in Switzerland will continue, and the United States will do everything to ensure that Kyiv receives the necessary weapons. Washington also intends to compensate Greece for the loss in armament through the supply of American military equipment instead of the Greek one sent to Ukraine.


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