May 8, 2022
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“Switchblade” is a drone that will “help Ukraine kill Russian generals”

Pictured: Switchblade (UAV)

In the photo: Switchblade (UAV) (Photo:

The New York Times published an article with high-ranking officials admitting that US intelligence provides data on the movements of Russian units to the armed forces of Ukraine. The publication also claims that such “assistance” was provided even before the start of the special operation to denazify Ukraine. Thus, according to the NYT, the Americans warned Kyiv in advance about the impending assault on the airport in Gostomel, which allowed the Ukrainian side to strengthen its defenses in a timely manner.

According to the NYT, the sources of information about the whereabouts of Russian troops are secret and commercial satellites, as well as interception of telephone conversations of the Russian military.

“US intelligence support to the Ukrainians has had a decisive impact on the battlefield, confirming the targets identified by the Ukrainian military and pointing to new targets. The deluge of actionable intelligence on Russian troop movements that America has provided to Ukraine has few precedents. And he adds that NATO allies also provide the Ukrainian military with intelligence, and in real time.

In addition, the administration Biden supplies new weapons that allow for a successful “hunt” for senior Russian officers. So a smaller version of the Switchblade drone can be used, for example, to identify and destroy a general sitting in a car or giving orders on the front line.

Imagine what a scandal would break out if the Russian media reported that the Russian army was going to use equipment during a special operation to identify the non-Slavic faces of foreign military instructors and eliminate them. Or if we “friendly” with someone shared secret information relating to US security. Yes, the devils would plug their ears in hell, such a howl would rise!

However, the fact that the United States, NATO and Great Britain are transferring not only weapons, but also intelligence to Ukraine was already an open secret.

According to Dmitry Peskovpress secretary of the President of Russia, the Russian military was aware of this. This, of course, does not contribute to the quick completion of the special operation, but does not prevent it from being completed, Peskov believes.

But netizens are much more militant. They offer to act decisively and uncompromisingly:

“The time has come to destroy US satellites in a different way. The US is just asking for it.”

“The US military should be punished tenfold.”

“Why is the electronic warfare for satellites and the system for replacing frequencies and communication signals still not involved?”

“We need to transfer our intelligence on the United States, for example, to North Korea, and in general in the public domain.”

“We must show mutual courtesy. The most important “civilizers” have many enemies.”

Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkovcommenting on the publication in the New York Times, he said: “Strictly speaking, the provision of such data is the direct participation of the United States in hostilities on the side of Ukraine. We know that now American officers and generals continue to work on Ukrainian territory – now we have the full right to strike at them, to destroy American military advisers.

And the expert recalled that Russia has a Peresvet combat laser system, which can simply blind American satellites, depriving them of the ability to function. I wonder if the Pentagon remembers this? Or do they sincerely consider intelligence sharing to be a “safe” form of cooperation for which there will be no replies?

“It has long been clear that the United States on the territory of Ukraine is fighting with the hands and lives of Ukrainians against Russia,” explains military expert Viktor Litovkin. – If the United States loses, then they will lose their leading role in the world. They cannot come to terms with this. Therefore, they help Kyiv in every possible way: they transmit intelligence data, they send instructors, and they supply equipment. True, this technique does not always reach the battlefield, but that is another question. The Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have many opportunities to deliver effective strikes against Russian units, and the Americans are trying in every possible way to make their task easier. And they report it with pride: both President Biden makes loud statements, and the generals.

“SP”: – Can we somehow adequately answer them? After all, they support the conflicting parties in Yemen, Sudan, and the Middle East. Can we support those whom they consider their opponents?

“We don’t do that. Russia can support someone only by protecting its own interests and if they ask for help. We do not get into other people’s conflicts, for example, in Yemen. In addition, we must understand that although our army has become very strong, this alone is not enough. Yes, we have weapons that the United States does not have, the same “Sarmatians”, “Daggers”, “Caliber”, “Zircons”. But we still need to compare the potential of the economies. In the United States, it is now higher, and it is unreasonable to get involved in an open confrontation with them. And the principle of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” can lead to the Third World War, which no one needs, because there will be no winners.

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