Nov 24, 2021
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Sweden will get even with Russia for Poltava

Sweden will get even with Russia for Poltava

Photo: DPA / TACC

A military advisory and training center of the European Union will be created in Ukraine, the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine. Kirill Budanov

He noted that the decision to open this center is fully consistent with the security agenda “facing the entire democratic world.” Such actions, he said, will only strengthen the further European integration of Ukraine at the institutional military level.

“Because the rapid and dangerous events that the Russian authorities are creating for the entire European continent are the biggest systemic challenge that the entire West has faced since the Cold War,” Budanov said.

He also noted that such military cooperation between the European Union and Ukraine will have a double and bilateral impact: in the EU, Ukraine will borrow an innovative system of military education, improve the educational and technical base, and on the other hand, the Ukrainian army over the past seven years has gained important combat experience in containment of hybrid aggression.

Thus, Budanov commented on the statement of the Minister of Defense of Sweden Peter Gulqvist on the possibility of sending Swedish troops to Ukraine as part of a training mission led by the European Union.

Russia has already reacted to the statement by the head of the Swedish defense department. The Russian Embassy in Sweden reminded Stockholm of the outcome of the invasion of modern Ukraine during the Northern War.

– Budanov calls this center “military advisory and training”, – notes expert of the analytical portal Alexey Ilyashevich

– From the name it is clear that this is a kind of consolation prize for Ukraine, which offered the allies to create an almost full-fledged military base on its territory. What is the bottom line? A couple of dozen NATO specialists will come, pose in front of the cameras, and distribute valuable advice to their Ukrainian brothers-in-arms. Of course, they won’t go to the front line. This is unlikely to help Ukraine in the fight against “Russian aggression”, but Zelensky will get a reason for PR.

“SP”: – Does Kiev need it? Is he not enough of the American and also the British military?

– Not enough, of course! The more foreign military on the territory of Ukraine, the better. Offer Zelenskiy to place nuclear weapons – he will agree without further ado. All this can be used as arguments in favor of Ukraine’s integration into the EU and NATO.

“SP”: – Generally, the EU does not have its own common army, so far it is only “Wishlist”. In terms of military strength, the EU countries are too different weight categories. What could be the military center in this case? Who will fill it up there? Germans? French people?

– It doesn’t matter. Let anyone run the show – this will in no way change the balance of power in the region and will not affect the situation in Donbass. What difference does it make if the French or the Swedes will chill out in Ukraine? There is no talk of strengthening a real military presence.

“SP”: – But Sweden. It seems that they have never shown interest in Ukrainian affairs, and then suddenly … Where are they going? Do they have their own interest in Ukraine?

– I do not think. Sweden has its own “graters” with Russia in the Baltic Sea, but that’s another story. The Swedes are simply following the anti-Russian policy of the West. They contribute to the fight against a common enemy. You should not look for a hidden meaning in this. Many other countries could have taken the same initiative.

“SP”: – Sweden fought with Russia many times. Are they still our enemy today?

– I do not think. Sweden today is far from the country with which it fought Peter I… The Mongols might just as well be called our enemies. Sweden is corny in a different “weight category”. It can hardly be called a neutral country, but it is not a NATO member and does not make overly audacious anti-Russian attacks.

“SP”: – How Moscow to react to all this? And is it necessary? Well, will the Europeans send a dozen military instructors there? Weapons thrown, so what?

– The correct question is: so what? Nothing. The situation will not change from the fact that in Kiev or other cities hundreds of kilometers from the front will hang around some “wedding generals”. Don’t react to it. Thus, Russia will only play along with the Ukrainian propaganda.

– Sweden was a first-class military power in Europe, – reminds Andrey Dmitriev, editor of APN North-West.

– Only it was in the 17th century. First, Peter the Great defeated Charles XII, but after 100 years the Russian cavalry, which crossed the Bothnian Halls on the ice and appeared near Stockholm, put an end to it.
Their current activity in the Ukrainian direction, firstly, is due to its rather tough anti-Russian position, characteristic of the countries of Eastern and Northern Europe.

And, secondly, it falls into the general trend: have you noticed that now literally every day there are talks about a possible war in Ukraine and the need for the West to strengthen its presence there? The first fiddle here is played by the Americans, but the EU has also been involved. It fits the line Joseph Bidenwho, unlike the one who quarreled with the Europeans Donald Trump, prefers to be friends with NATO allies and “non-aligned” Sweden as well.

Stockholm has now purchased a $ 1 billion Patriot air defense system from the States to protect against Russian ballistic missiles, which is also quite a typical gesture …

Well, we must understand that talking about the Poltava victory will not help matters here. An important demonstration of political will could be the long-awaited step with the recognition of the LPNR and the protection of the republics with the help of Russian military force.

– We underestimate Sweden as the enemy of Russia, and she is such, and – very dangerous – believes historian, publicist, permanent expert of the Izborsk club Alexander Dmitrievsky

– Therefore, I would not look at the situation through the prism of modern Ukrainian realities.

The irreversible decline of the country’s military power after the Great Northern War of 1700-1721 led Swedish intellectuals to invent the instrument of influence that is today called “soft power”. For example, it was the Stockholm intellectuals who “suggested” to the Russian professors of German origin what we call the “Norman theory”, according to which statehood was allegedly brought to Russia by the Varangians – the ancestors of those very Swedes, and among the Eastern Slavs during Rurik there was no hint at all.

Only a hundred years have passed since the Battle of Poltava, and Sweden from an imperial continental power finally turned into a middle-class burgher state, having ceded Finland to Russia. And here, not everyone understands “miracles” begin to take place. Namely, that in the once provincial Swedish province, in just a century, a full cycle of the process of state formation took place.

For comparison: of all Finno-Ugric ethnic groups, only Hungarians, Finns and Estonians now have their full-fledged statehood. If we look at the Finno-Ugric countries – Hungary, Estonia and Finland, we will note one very interesting feature: they are all creatures of Austria, Germany and Sweden.

Immediately after the creation of the Grand Duchy of Finland, a powerful stream of Fennomans arose there, advocating the development and widespread use of the Finnish language. They were representatives of the Swedish intelligentsia who maintained close ties with the academic community in Stockholm.

I must say that in those years Sweden was one of the centers of advanced scientific thought, exerting a powerful influence on the best minds not only of the continent, but of the entire planet.

One of the largest phenomans was the encyclopedist Elias Lennroth… His first scientific work – a dissertation about the hero of Finnish legends Väinämöinen attracted a lot of attention of researchers. Then he received a medical education and worked as a zemstvo doctor for almost a quarter of a century, but at the same time he constantly traveled around Finland and Karelia. During his wanderings, Lönnrot not only engaged in medical practice and biological research, but paid much more attention to recording folklore.

Even then, the Swedes understood the importance of collecting and systematizing the epic: folk tales are an indicator of the age of an ethnic group and an argument for its rights to certain territories. For Russians, epics are national epics, for Finns, runic songs, which were included in the collection “Kalevala” published in 1835 by Lönnrot.

One cannot ignore the fact that the bulk of the runes from this collection was recorded in the Olonets and Arkhangelsk provinces. It was there and in the same years that Russian folklorists collected almost all the epics of the Kiev cycle: there is a fact of a serious informational and psychohistorical confrontation between the two largest powers of the Baltic region.

The efforts of the Fennoman intelligentsia made a colossal shift in the consciousness of the inhabitants of the Grand Duchy of Finland, and not in favor of Russia. By the beginning of the twentieth century, Finland for Russia was about the same as Australia and Canada are now for Great Britain: there is only one monarch, but the presence of the metropolis is very limited.

Ethnic Swedes, or people with very noticeable Swedish roots, still form the basis of Finland’s elite: the “fifth column” and those who led the country during the first half century of its independence do not need comments.

Few thought that the national anthem of Finland was written in Swedish, the coat of arms was borrowed from the Vaza dynasty, and the main element of the Finnish flag is the Varangian cross, which is an obligatory figure in Scandinavian vexilology. When a vote was taken in 2004 on who the citizens consider the greatest man in Finland, the Swedes took seven places in the top ten. Representatives of the same nation make up three-quarters of the personalities in the book One Hundred Wonderful Finns.

So, having suffered a fiasco at Poltava, the Swedes have been very successful in the war against Russia by proxy.

And their current attempt to be present on Ukrainian lands is a clear confirmation of this.

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