Sep 24, 2021
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Swallow’s nest: Trusova’s escape from Syzran and Tuktamysheva’s victory

In the small Russian city of Syzran, located on the banks of the Volga and famous primarily for its Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin, Kazan Cathedral and the mansion of the merchant Sterlyadkin, from 22 to 26 September on the ice arena sponsored by Rosneft, figure skating competitions are held as part of the first stage Cup of Russia, which bear the cute name “Syzran swallow”.

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Song

Ice arena “Syzran”

And who would have thought that for the initially modest in composition tournament with the participating “swallow” skaters, real flamingos of world figure skating – Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and Aleksandra Trusova – would suddenly flock.

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wilf

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and Alexandra Trusova

One flew over the swallow’s nest

If for the Empress-Tuktamysheva the start in Syzran is the very beginning of the season, then Alexandra has already managed in the last two weeks as a meteor to sweep back and forth over the entire planet.

Immediately after the test skates in Chelyabinsk, Trusova flew to the USA to compete in Norwood and, barely leaving the podium of the American tournament with a gold medal, immediately rushed to the other end of the world in quiet Syzran. Here she planned not only to stir up the cozy ice “swallow’s nest”, which was conceived to build not the most rated skaters from all over Russia, but at the same time to confuse the golden plans of the titled Tuktamysheva.

But, apparently, the “fuel” of our Russian Rocket due to such an all-planetary march ended at a certain moment – Alexandra, after the first day of the competition, sensationally withdrew from the tournament.

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wilf

Alexandra Trusova

As a result, Sasha managed to fly over the nest of the “Syzran Swallow” rather than thoroughly make a rustle in it.

There is only one official reason for refusing to compete – the skater has medical problems. The unofficial ones are more like the truth, and there are two of them.

The first of them: Trusova originally planned to perform only in the short program, since it is extremely important for her to more often perform the triple axel at competitions this year, and she only announced it in the short program.

Second: the skater (although rather her entourage) decided to urgently return to Moscow for the “Sambo-70” gala evening in the Kremlin, which will take place today (that is, in the midst of the tournament), where she is declared as a guest of honor, thereby exchanging Syzransky Kremlin, to Moscow.

Both reasons (if they, of course, have a place to be) are still a little cynical in relation to the Syzran spectators and fans who bought tickets to watch the unique quadruple jumps of Trusova and the rivalry of two super figure skaters on Friday, September 24.

But conspiracy theories aside, Sasha’s voiced medical problems are even worse than the obligatory corporate celebrations in Moscow, especially given the importance of the current Olympic season.

And so a rather strange story turned out with an exhausting winding of one of the best skaters across Russia and the United States for two weeks, which ended quite logically – with a disappointing withdrawal from the tournament for everyone.

The first duel between the Empress and Queen of Quads of the season

But the fans of “Syzran-Arena” were lucky enough to witness such a loud confrontation for any figure skating tournament between the Empress and the Queen of Kvadov. True, only in the short program.

Tuktamysheva was the first to go out on the ice and under the viscous tango “Oblivion” she immediately perfectly performed the triple axel – there is the first ultra-si element at the official competitions of our Empress!

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wilf

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

True, then Elizabeth had some kind of personal palace coup, during which she, it seems, decided to overthrow herself from the throne: on the cascade, the skater barely left the triple lutz, so the second jump turned out to be only double, like the final triple at the box office a flip, which in the end was not counted at all (double jumps outside the sequence in the short are prohibited).

Considering the limited number of jumping elements in the short program, so many mistakes for the silver medalist of the World Championship – 2021, frankly, are too many. Elizaveta’s score for her starting rental in Syzran is 70.66.

© Russian Figure Skating Federation

Judge protocol of Elizaveta Tuktamysheva for the short program

Of course, the beginning of the season and the obvious irritant in the form of Trusova’s unexpected presence at the tournament affected. But I would like to note that although Tuktamysheva is not yet very good at coping with her nerves, externally and physically this fall she looks just great.

Slim, feminine and elegant – like never before! It is felt that the Empress approached the Olympic season at the peak of her beauty. And if you add perfectly executed skates to this, then you will definitely not envy her rivals.

And surprisingly, the main rival of Tuktamysheva in the Syzran arena, Sasha Trusova, although she did not make as many mistakes in her short program as her more eminent counterpart, could not repeat the triple axel after its gorgeous performance by Elizabeth Queen of Kvadov – she wavered!

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wilf

Alexandra Trusova

The most annoying thing is that during the warm-up before the rental itself, she twice made it just perfect. “Well what do you say!” – I just want to exclaim bitterly for the umpteenth time, watching how Trusova rises in disappointment from the ice after falling on this already unfortunate element for her.

But let’s pay tribute to Alexandra: this ill-fated trixel did not at all knock her general mood for hire.

The elements that followed the axel – a triple flip and a cascade of lutz and tupula in the second part of the program – were performed almost flawlessly (the judges, however, found an unclear edge on the flip).

As a result, the Queen of Quads was four points ahead of the Empress and took first preliminary place in the short programs with a score of 74.53.

It only remains to add – Sasha’s skating this season is getting better and more expressive each time, which was also reflected in the judging protocol of Trusova with well-deserved nines for components.

© Russian Figure Skating Federation

Alexandra Trusova’s scoresheet for the short program

In Syzran, her “Frida” came even closer to almost the level of a masterpiece – so plastic, at high speed, emotionally and passionately that evening she conveyed the image of the Mexican artist Alexander.

At some point, it even seemed that during the rental of Trusova in the attic of the merchant Sterlyadkin’s mansion on Sovetskaya Street, 66, candles of 1910 lit up, and the waves of the Volga River sparkled for a few seconds with a dazzling ruby ​​sheen.

Scheherazade on fire

Hastily leaving Syzran immediately after the short programs, Trusova took with her to Moscow not only fleeting memories of the Syzran Swallow tournament, but also all the intrigue in the figure skating competitions.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, left in the first stage of the Russian Cup without a main rival with her, in fact, bulletproof quadruple jumps, in free programs fought only with herself, which in no way made her skating less significant, given the two declared triple axels.

Throwing off excess clothes and nervous tension from her shoulders, the Empress came out on the ice third in the strongest group of participants with the main goal for today – to skate purely her program, put on sweet oriental melodies, and at the same time plunge the Syzran arena into the intoxicating atmosphere of fairy tales “A Thousand and One nights. “

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wilf

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

The beginning turned out to be really magical: Lisa performed a complex cascade of a triple axel and a double sheepskin coat, but a single axel of three and a half turns turned out with a blot on the road.

Then the skater again makes a completely unnecessary mistake on her favorite lutz, twisting only two turns.

But all the other jumps, including the triple lutz in the second part of the program, to the delight of the audience, Elizabeth performed unmistakably, talentedly filling the space between the elements of spicy oriental flavor and seductive dance moves, from which the fireplace in the bedroom of Sterlyadkin’s mansion flared up with renewed vigor, and the Volga river just boiled.

Tuktamyshev’s “Scheherazade” was really on fire that day! She looked incredibly organic in the form of a playful oriental beauty, able not only to playfully twist her hips, but also to create real magic, like taking off over the ice on an airplane carpet, performing the most complex ultra-si elements. All this was reflected in the mark for the free program, for which the Empress received a solid 149.41 points.

© Russian Figure Skating Federation

Judge protocol of Elizaveta Tuktamysheva for free program

Elizaveta with a total result for both programs – 220.07 – easily wins her first competition this season, with which we congratulate her!

True, Tuktamysheva managed to taste all the delights of the sharpest competitive struggle in women’s figure skating in Syzran only partially. But there are still October starts in Finland (from 6 to 10 October) and the most exciting stage of the Grand Prix in Vancouver (from 29 to 31 October), which can become a real serious test for the Empress.

Indeed, in Helsinki, she will be opposed by Kamila Valieva and Alena Kostornaya, in Vancouver, the Japanese woman Rika Kihira will also join them, and these skaters are unlikely to withdraw from the free program to be in time for a corporate party.

The final results of the first stage of the Cup of Russia – Rostelecom of the season 2021-2022, the city of Syzran:

1. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva – 220.07;

2. Veronika Yametova – 189.25;

3. Stanislav Molchanov – 178.22;

4. Polina Sviridenko – 176.77;

5. Anastasia Morozova – 165.52.

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