Sep 15, 2020
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Swallowed a Barbie shoe. Moscow surgeons saved a seven-month-old baby

To the Children's Hospital No. 9 named after G.N.Speransky of the Moscow Healthcare Department, a child was urgently delivered with a doll accessory in the esophagus. The surgeons promptly removed the object and avoided serious complications.

According to the mother, it seemed to her that the boy grabbed the plum and swallowed it with a bone, which was stuck and caused a loss of consciousness for several seconds. When the child came to, he began to cough, lost his appetite, it was clearly difficult for him to swallow. The parents called an ambulance, which delivered the baby to Speransky's clinic.

Specialists examined the baby and performed an esophagoscopy (diagnostic examination of the esophagus), during which they saw a foreign body wedged into the lumen of the upper third of the esophagus. It was necessary to act quickly, because the longer the object was in the esophagus, the higher was the risk of rupture of the walls of the organ and, as a result, inflammation of the mediastinum - the median region of the chest.

The surgeons used special forceps to remove the red shoe from the Barbie doll. After the operation, the little patient was prescribed antibiotic therapy, alginates to relieve swelling in the esophagus, and a control esophagoscopy was performed to exclude any complications. On the sixth day, the child was discharged home.

Children's City Clinical Hospital No. 9 named after G. N. Speransky is a multidisciplinary specialized hospital. 40 clinical departments provide emergency and planned assistance to children and adolescents up to 18 years of age around the clock. The hospital is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, with the help of which radiation, functional, endoscopic, angiographic, biochemical, cytological, immunological and neurophysiological diagnostics are carried out here. The clinic has four large specialized centers: a burn center, a center for arthrology and rehabilitation of children with diseases and injuries of the joints, a center for urology, andrology and pelvic pathology, as well as a consultative and diagnostic center for pediatric immunology and allergology.

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