Oct 28, 2021
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Svetlichnaya’s son demanded a million from Andrei Malakhov


Leading Andrei Malakhov could not lure the son of a famous actress to his show.

The artist’s son knew about her plans to participate in talk shows. 60-year-old Alexei Ivashov himself was supposed to become the hero of the TV show.

Recently, 81-year-old Svetlana Svetlichnaya disappeared from the field of view of relatives for five days. As it turned out, she was preparing for a talk show about her difficult relationship with her son. The actress wanted to come to Andrei Malakhov’s studio right after she moved to a new apartment. But the scandal with the daughter-in-law forced the TV star to make a quick decision.

The son of Svetlana Afanasyevna was also invited to take part in the program in order to express his views on the relationship with her, but he refused. Alexei was not satisfied with the proposed fee. A relative of the Honored Artist of Russia demanded a million rubles, but the channel “Russia 1” was ready to offer him only 100 thousand. The star of the “Diamond Hand” was happy with any amount, she is pleased to appear in public, reports “KP”.

Andrey Malakhov and Svetlana Svetlichnaya
Andrey Malakhov and Svetlana Svetlichnaya

Ivashov nevertheless mentioned his difficult relationship with his mother. The son of Svetlichnaya noted that he also has complaints against her. According to Alexei, the artist ignored his birthday.

Nevertheless, a relative is worried about the health of the legend of Soviet cinema. Alexey insists that Svetlana Afanasyevna go to the hospital and be examined by specialists.

She herself refuses everything – we bought pills, sleeping pills, and other mild drugs, but my mother brushed aside, they say, this does not suit me. Now we are going to put it in the clinic. But her consent is needed. Of course, I believe that she needs to be healed. She is uncontrollable, with constant mood swings. She quarreled with all relatives and friends, colleagues also stopped contacting her. Well, who is pleased to constantly hear in his address: “You shit and bastard”“, – quotes” StarHit “the words of Alexei.

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