Nov 12, 2021
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Svetlana Permyakova told when she will get married


Actress Svetlana Permyakova in an interview spoke about her lover.

The artist has been in a relationship with Maxim Scriabin for many years. At the same time, the lovers still have not married, considering that the stamp in the passport is not at all important.

49-year-old Svetlana Permyakova admits in all interviews that she was very lucky with her chosen one. Maxim Scriabin helps her with administrative matters, and also deals with her daughter Varya when the actress is busy filming. Of course, fans are eagerly awaiting the couple’s wedding, but they are in no rush to tie the knot.

We live and live, everything is fine, my daughter is growing up, we are together, and the stamp in the passport is not so important. This is all good when you were young, but if it didn’t happen when you were young, what then? I will wait until sixty years old, then I will put on a veil and go down the aisle, but for now – no“, – said the artist.

Svetlana Permyakova with her lover
Svetlana Permyakova with her lover

At the same time, Permyakova is sure that Maxim is the ideal man. Despite the fact that the chosen one is 18 years younger than her, absolute mutual understanding reigns in the couple. “Everything that can be combined in a man – a sense of humor, strength, charm, charisma, the ability to cook, clean, beat up, build a bathhouse, make a theater from scratch, love – all this is in him. For me, he is ideal. I don’t know anything else“, – said the star.

Of course, due to her busy work schedule, Svetlana cannot spend enough time with her family. Recently, she completely flew away from loved ones for several weeks in order to shoot in the show “Stars in Africa” ​​on TNT. However, both Maxim and little Varvara treat Permyakova’s business trips with understanding.

In an interview for the Wday portal, Svetlana admitted that she now has many new projects. So in the coming years, the star intends to continue to amaze the public. Well, in difficult times there is always a man’s shoulder nearby, on which Permyakova can lean.

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