Jun 30, 2020
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Svetlana Loboda was sued. Singer accused of gay propaganda

Svetlana Loboda was sued.  Singer accused of gay propaganda

Svetlana Loboda

Two years ago, Svetlana Loboda presented a video for the song SupperSTAR. Then he immediately made a lot of noise because of his provocative plot (two men and two girls kiss in it, one of which is the singer herself). But only now they decided to sue the singer for gay propaganda. This is reported by the telegram channel Mash.

A man named Victor Borisov made a request to remove the video from open access and pay him compensation in the amount of two million rubles for moral damage. He filed a lawsuit, however, to his great regret, the court did not see homosexuality propaganda in the video and did not initiate proceedings.

By the way, the singer released this video clip two and a half months after the birth of her second daughter. Even before its premiere, he managed to become highly discussed. The fact is that the star partially shot the video at the ninth month of pregnancy, and the frames in which she performed twerk were to enter it. Then many condemned Loboda for the fact that at such a late date she performs a very lively dance. In the end, these episodes did not get into the final version of the clip, and Loboda herself appeared in it with a flat stomach.

The director of the video was the producer of the singer Natella Krapivina. She said that her creation was inspired by Cate Blanchett and other female protesters.

I was very inspired by the story of Cate Blanchett, her manifesto. She was the chairman of the Cannes Film Festival jury this year, and the question was raised why there is still discrimination against women directors. They went to the square, they had a strike, they all took off their heels, they said: we won’t wear heels anymore according to the dress code, and so on. I really like this topic. And the phrase in Svetlana’s song “All people as people - I’m a superstar!” - This is an appeal to all women. Each of them is a superstar. One has only to believe in oneself and not let anyone doubt

She said.
Svetlana Loboda (left) in the video for the song SuperSTAR
Svetlana Loboda (left) in the video for the song SuperSTARShot from the video for the song SuperSTAR
Shot from the video for the song SuperSTAR

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