Nov 19, 2022
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Svetlana Loboda was called mentally ill


Prikhodko passed hard on the singer Svetlana Loboda.

The artist is trying to demonstrate love for the country where she was born and raised – Ukraine, but neither fans nor colleagues in the shop believe in her sincerity. Anastasia Prikhodko is especially hard on the artist.

The performer of the hit “Your Eyes” left the country and now supports Ukraine, where she has not visited for many years, touring Russia and Europe. Once the singer received music awards, was the headliner of many music shows and considered herself the number one artist on the Russian stage.

Now the blonde speaks Ukrainian and is banned from entering Russia for 50 years. The other day, Svetlana proudly presented the track “Two Strangers” in her native language and called herself, first of all, a Ukrainian artist.

Svetlana Loboda - photo from the archive -
Svetlana Loboda – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

However, Loboda’s patriotism does not resonate with compatriots and colleagues in the shop. So, for example, singer Anastasia Prikhodko once again criticized the pop star, accusing her of duplicity.

Also say that you are chaste. Someone fix this woman. She’s bipolar. Split personality and serious psychological problems“, – reacted the former ward of Konstantin Meladze.

It is worth noting that not only Svetlana fell into disfavor with the brunette. The Eurovision participant criticizes many artists who have worked for the Russian audience for many years, and now they have returned to their homeland. So, Prikhodko hated Potap. The showman recently arrived in Ukraine from Spain.

When he began to give interviews that, while in Spain, he was enrolled in the defense in Ukraine, I think that this is complete nonsense. He came only because he started filming a show on one of the channels, that’s all”, the singer recently said in an interview.

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