Nov 6, 2021
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Svetlana Loboda spoke about the scandal between Kirkorov and her producer


Singer Svetlana Loboda believes that all sides were wrong.

The actress on the air of the Exam show recalled the scandal between her producer Natella Krapivina and musician Philip Kirkorov.

Everything went to this. We argued very strongly then with her on the phone. I said that she did the wrong thing, you can’t. She often speaks, and then declares that she was misunderstood. But this must be explained to those millions who also misunderstood her.“, Said Svetlana Loboda.

Svetlana Loboda
Svetlana Loboda

According to Svetlana Loboda, Krapivina is like a sister to her. And it will always be so. “When there are misunderstandings, we say that we have given a lot to each other. We have a very strong alliance, but we need to rest from each other. I’m used to it. She’s that kind of person. To others, I would not forgive what she says. I can do it for her. She is my soul mate. We only recently started communicating after the incident. She apologized for that conflict in front of me. She didn’t want that conflict. Philip was also quite harsh. He also asked for forgiveness. Conflict settled“, – said Svetlana Loboda.

After the Muz-TV award, Natella Krapivina said that people like Dava and Kirkorov, who played the bride and groom, would be cut into barbecue in the Caucasus. Loboda took the position of the king of pop. As a result, Krapivina stopped working with her.

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