Nov 6, 2021
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Svetlana Loboda spoke about her beloved man


39-year-old singer Svetlana Loboda spoke about her chosen one in an interview with the host of the YouTube show “Exam” Masha Efrosinina.

Svetlana Loboda rarely shares the details of her personal life. However, this time she made an exception and opened up. In particular, Loboda admitted that she and her lover live in Europe and have been together for quite a long time.

Next to him I am a girl, I am weak. He’s an adult. He is older than me. He is very wise, understanding. And can wrap me up, – said the artist with tenderness. – We are working on a relationship together. We both have difficult characters, we are both very powerful people, with a strong core inside. And when we argue about something, each of us goes to the end. But then I have to give the back, because I understand that there is a man here, next to me. Adult, real. One that has not yet been in my life“.

Svetlana Loboda
Svetlana Loboda

However, Svetlana Loboda did not name her lover’s name. True, she admitted that she did not hide it from prying eyes. According to the singer, they can easily dine together in a restaurant both in Europe and in Moscow, and remain unrecognized.

So far I manage … Masks to help. You can meet us. Abroad, mostly … But in Moscow we also go to restaurants together. But we haven’t been burned yet. If they burn, they burn. Then we will comment“, – added Loboda with a smile.

When Masha Efrosinina asked head-on: “Is this man Tilda’s dads?“, Referring to the youngest daughter of Svetlana, she was slightly effaced, limiting herself to only a short remark:”I can not answer this question“. The singer noted that no one forbids her to talk about her lover, and the current silence is purely her personal decision.

Svetlana Loboda with her daughters
Svetlana Loboda with her daughters

Everything about my personal life will be closed until I decide. Until I feel ready to talk about it. Because already my whole life is on display … – commented Loboda. – In general, I think that thinking about an artist is much more interesting than when you live in such a regime as, for example, Kim Kardashian. Her life is a continuous show. They negotiate marriages, they act out all these stories. I prefer not to talk about anything, so that everything is hidden behind a certain curtain. When the time comes when I feel that I want to tell about it, I will definitely do it.“.

It is worth noting that Svetlana Loboda still not only did not reveal the name of Tilda’s father, but also did not show the baby’s face.
This is superstition. Children always have their own aura, their own space. Mom instilled in me that it is not necessary to do this until the baby has matured, ”said the singer, recalling her sad experience with her eldest daughter Eva.

When the girl was 4 years old, Loboda filmed her in a special video for a concert number for a cover of the song of the group “Machete” “Tenderness”. “The next morning – temperature 40, polynephritis, we ended up in the hospital … And I said to myself – no, I will never show the child again if I do not feel the need for it“, – concluded Svetlana.

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