Sep 6, 2022
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Svetlana Loboda got herself a mysterious lover


Singer Svetlana Loboda had an affair with a non-Ukrainian.

After breaking up with the father of her eldest daughter, Svetlana Loboda prefers not to talk about her personal life. It is still unclear whether the singer met with Till Lindemann or the rumors about their relationship are fake. But what is known about the current chosen one of the star?

*Katerina Gordeeva was recognized as a foreign agent by decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation dated 09/02/2022.

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Svetlana Loboda admitted that she has been in a relationship with a man whose name is classified for a long time. The singer spoke a little about her beloved.

Svetlana Loboda - photo from the archive -
Svetlana Loboda – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

I really want this island to be mine, so I don’t show it and don’t make PR out of it. I was lucky, I met my man, with whom I am on the same wavelength. He is a terrible patriot, but not a Ukrainian. I am very interested with him, good and comfortable. They don’t squeeze me and don’t put me in any kind of framework”, – said the artist in the YouTube show “Tell Gordeeva”.

According to the blonde, the chosen one does not limit her in anything, and she, in turn, supports him in every possible way. “Everyone has their own space. I generally like it when there are riddles around me. The more secrets, the more interesting. I don’t comment on anything, I just smile sweetly, ”added 39-year-old Loboda.

After the start of the special operation, the celebrity, along with her boyfriend, parents and daughters, moved to Latvia. When the performer returns to Kyiv is a matter of time.

I’m very sorry for not being interested in what was going on before. In 2014, I took care of myself and my childhood dream. It seemed to me that I was a young blonde girl who should not really understand politics. It is not clear where I will continue to live, but for now in Jurmala. Mom, sister are constantly depressed. They say they want to go home – and they can be understood. They are rushing back to Kyiv, I hold them back with all my might.”, Svetlana concluded.

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