Mar 31, 2021
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Svetlana Loboda demands compensation in the amount of 172 thousand dollars from a surgeon from Uzbekistan

12:47, 03/31/2021

The singer intends to file a lawsuit.

The famous singer Svetlana Loboda intends submit judicial claim on the several million rubles at side plastic surgeonSo many cost mark stars at microblogging Instagram the doctorsDaniyar Choriev at Stories his account showed video, Where spent operation by change shape nose girl, which externally looks like as artistSinger not became long to be silent and published video, Where said, what ready litigate with a doctorLoboda stated, what no relations to this video not It has, she is is located at Moscow, is engaged workers deedsSvetlana warned surgeon, what simply So this is a business not will leave, and hooked up their lawyers for proceedings affairs

Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana Loboda intends receive compensation at size 172 thousand dollars and public apologies, about this wrote surgeon Nodir Ibatov at Instagram… He showed the letter that he received from the singer, but doubts that the document was sent by the official representative of Svetlana Loboda.

Photos from microblogging in Instagram Nodira Ibatova

Recall, what scandal with Svetlana Loboda and plastic surgeon of Of Uzbekistan happened on the past weekDoctor published at Stories his microblogging at Instagram a short video girls, which is he spent operation by change shape noseThe surgeon’s patient looked like a singer. In Stories, it is shown how Daniyar slowly removes the bandages from the girl’s face and demonstrates the result of the rhinoplasty performed. It was on this video that Daniyar noted the official Instagram account of the singer Svetlana Loboda. A few days later, the chief doctor Nodir Ibatov, who actually performed the operation, commented on the incident. According to him, the mark does not mean anything, he just wanted to show his subscribers the amazing similarity of the girl and the popular singer. He said that his assistant Daniyar filmed a regular dressing video and posted it in Stories, noting Loboda. But Nodir was surprised that the popular singer took it personally. The surgeons never reported that they were operating on Loboda, they just put a mark. The surgeon also proposed to sort out together whether there is a similarity between the patient and the singer. Nodir Ibatov also added that he has already carried out operations for the stars of show business, and they are signing a non-disclosure agreement. And if there are no such documents, then he would have posted an immodest video, and a series of posts that the artist trusted his clinic.

Svetlana Loboda

Not amazingly, what fans Svetlana Loboda counted this is video true and started actively discuss at internetArtist often credited plastic interference, but Loboda this is denies and He speaks, what never not did plasticAT the network can see lots of photos Loboda to and after operations“. Haters Svetlana consider, what she is made myself not one operationThey are sure, what singer made operation by increase breasts and lips, changed shape school, but also reduced hump nose

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