Aug 16, 2022
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Svetlana Loboda appeared in Riga in a new image


Singer Svetlana Loboda changed her hair and appeared in a more natural form.

Svetlana Loboda arrived in Riga unrecognizable. Firstly, she somehow lost the splendor of her bust. Secondly, in general, she began to look more natural: she refused extended eyelashes, nails and bright makeup. And, thirdly, she made a bob haircut, thanks to which she began to look elegant.

We also note that Svetlana Loboda also chose to go on stage to the Latvian audience modestly – in a long dress with her hands closed. And only at the end of the performance she appeared in her traditional mini.

Svetlana Loboda
Svetlana Loboda

By the way, Loboda rarely experiments with the image. Usually the singer wore long blond curls. However, last year she surprised fans by posting a photo with a magnificent bob on her personal microblog. After that, Loboda did nothing with her hair.

But today the performer again made a new haircut. Svetlana Loboda posted several video stories on her personal blog, in the frame of which she appeared with a spectacular bob.

Recently, many celebrities have changed their image. Lolita made a mohawk and dyed her hair blue. Ani Lorak twisted lush afro curls. Julia Vysotskaya cut her oblique bangs.

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