Feb 22, 2021
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Svetlana Khorkina shared her impressions of participating in the show “Mask”

12:09, 22.02.2021

The athlete performed in a Black Panther costume.

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On February 21, 42-year-old Svetlana Khorkina performed on the stage of the second season of the “Mask” show. The gymnast and two-time Olympic champion appeared in front of the audience and members of the jury in the form of the Black Panther. For a long time, the judges guessed who was hiding behind the suit. Philip Kirkorov was sure: this was Olga Buzova, the rest of the refereeing was that it was Natalia Ionova-Chistyakova, known under the stage name Glucose. According to Svetlana, she took part in the TV project with great pleasure.

Khorkina noted: she loves to sing. But that was not the only reason she agreed to participate in the show. “I was very interested in guessing me or not. Any reincarnation is interesting, ”the athlete admitted. Svetlana said that going on stage in the “Mask” reminded her of the feelings of excitement and happiness that accompanied her when she entered the competition, including the Olympics. But at the same time, Khorkina does not compare the assessments of judges in sports and in the show.

“After a professional career, where I always had questions for our judging corps, who judged the competitions and judged me, and sometimes gave unfair marks. On The Mask, the point is that it is primarily a show, not a competition. How interesting it is to develop a discussion on this or that character who is wearing a mask, this is the skill of the jury itself ”, – explained the participant of the project. In this regard, the athlete, according to her, did not pay attention to the severity of the jury members of the show. “After sports, not a single jury seems to me to be strict, on the contrary, funny, interesting,” concluded Svetlana.

Svetlana Khorkina in a suit at the show “Mask”

According to Khorkina, it was easier for her than for the other participants. Indeed, behind her back – repeated participation in competitions. At the same time, the athlete does not know who is hiding behind other costumes. Like the other participants, she signed a document that obliges to keep this information confidential. “Even for relatives and friends it will be interesting that a person living next to you could so skillfully create an intrigue. This is a great opportunity to make such a big surprise for them when the mask opens and they see their loved one in a television project, “Svetlana concluded in a conversation with the journalists of the StarHit edition.

Svetlana Khorkina

Recall that the show “Mask” is an adaptation of the South Korean King Of Mask Singer. The Russian project has become so popular that its creators filmed the New Year’s special edition of “The Mask”. On January 1 of this year, viewers saw both old masks and new ones: the Nutcracker, in whose costume Igor Nikolaev performed, Lera Kudryavtseva in the form of a herring under a fur coat, Alexei Yagudin under the mask of Mishka in the north and others.

We add that in the first season of “The Mask” Karina Koks, Vlad Topalov, Stas Kostyushkin, Anatoly Tsoi, Larisa Dolina and other participants competed on the stage. The finalist of the TV show was Tsoi, hiding under the guise of Lev. The ex-soloist of the MBAND group passed all vocal tests, beating Larisa Dolina, who performed in the Deer costume. As a reminder, unlike the second season, not 14, but 12 contestants took part in the first.

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