Oct 12, 2021
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Svetlana Ivanova changed her hairstyle and became blonde again


36-year-old actress Svetlana Ivanova shared a photo in which she looks in a new way. True, the artist changed her image for the role.

In 2015, the first season of the series “Pregnancy Test” was released, in which Svetlana Ivanova played the main role. Although the filmography of the actress during this time has already been replenished with other successful projects, fans are interested in the continuation of this particular series.

The day before, Svetlana hinted that she had already started filming in the continuation of the project, beloved by the audience. On Instagram, the actress shared the shots in which she poses in a new image.

Svetlana Ivanova
Svetlana Ivanova

And to important news. I’m blonde again. For yourself know which movie ... “, – the actress signed the photo.

😍 suits you!“, – said the colleague of the actress on the series, Anna Peskova.

Internet users also could not miss such a frame. Many of them noted that blond Svetlana suits the face. Fans of the “Pregnancy Test” were glad that filming had already begun, which means that it was not so long to wait for the continuation of their favorite series.

Svetlana Ivanova
Svetlana Ivanova

For a Pregnancy Test? 🤪🤪🤪 “,” You are very beautiful, Svetlana 😍 “,” I love any of you, Svetlana! Favorite artist! ❤️ ”,“ You are the best blonde I’ve ever seen! 👱‍♀️ ”,“ I really like the blonde. You are beautiful and very talented. I love all your films.“, – wrote the fans.

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