Apr 10, 2021
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Svetlana Druzhinina told how she taught Anastasia Makeeva not to be late for shooting the film “Midshipmen 1787. Peace”

22:00, 10.04.2021

The director spoke sharply about the actress in the show “Secret in a Million”.

Today Anastasia Makeeva has become a guest of the Secret for a Million show. In the studio of the program, the actress spoke not only about her personal life, but also about her career. So, Makeeva said that it was difficult for her to work with Philip Kirkorov and Larisa Dolina, because they are very strict.

Svetlana Druzhinina was invited to the studio of the program, who told how it was for her to work with Makeeva, who played a beautiful lady in her film “Midshipmen 1787. World”. “I can talk about Nastya for a very long time, because I first saw her a very long time ago, she just arrived from Krasnodar. It was Vyborg, there was a slightly southern accent, only the vocals corrected it over time, ”the director shared.

Svetlana Druzhinina in the show “Secret to a Million”

According to Druzhinina, she was discouraged from working with Makeeva and even said that she was terrible and bitchy. “And then Nastya came. Perfect quiet lamb. And so we started looking for an approach to each other, ”said Druzhinina. She noted that Makeeva was constantly late for shooting. “She also had a charming girlfriend – Anechka Semenovich. And they were late together, one, two, three. We must pay tribute to Nastya – she is very attentive to the contract, ”said the director, adding that the film crew worked 12 hours a day and every Saturday.

Suddenly, the director of the site told Druzhinina that Makeeva set conditions that she should receive additional payment for processing and even named the price. “And Semenovich also began to say that, but we pay money for processing. But they are late, adorable! And then I went out and said in a loud voice: “If Semenovich and Makeeva are late, they pay for all the overtime, whoever was late, pay that much. If Makeyeva is late, then Boyarsky pays for Makeev’s overtime, ”said Druzhinina.

Shot from the filming of “Midshipmen 1787. Peace”

Makeeva, in turn, thanked the director for the role provided and noted that it was very pleasant for her to work with her. Recall that the painting “Midshipmen 1787. The World” tells about the times of the golden age of the nobility of Catherine II. The Empress entrusts the midshipmen with a special task related to her illegitimate son. An international gang of adventurers will try to prevent them. This part of the historical melodrama was filmed for almost three decades: work on the film was periodically stopped due to lack of funds. The budget for the costumed saga was 280 million rubles. As the director said, now work is underway on the dubbing of the tape, which requires great skill.

However, Svetlana Druzhinina plans to shoot also the fifth part of the story of the midshipmencompleting the cycle. The director announced the start of filming for the sequel to the saga in July last year. According to Svetlana Sergeevna, in the fifth part of “Midshipmen”, viewers will again see on the screen Mikhail Boyarsky, Dmitry Kharatyan, Alexander Domogarov and other favorite actors. The shooting of the historical picture will take place in the Crimea. As Druzhina stated, after finishing work on the planned historical films, she will sit down to write memoirs about the actors with whom she was lucky to work. The director has already announced the title of the book – “About myself and about that guy.”

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