Feb 16, 2021
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Svetlana Druzhinina responded to the words of Sergei Zhigunov about the readiness to remove his name from the credits “Midshipmen, forward!”

09:19, 16.02.2021

The 85-year-old director said that she was not offended by the actor who played Alexander Belov.

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Svetlana Druzhinina, who is known not only as an actress in the films “It Was in Penkovo” and “Girls”, but also as a director who has devoted more than one decade of her life to the series “Midshipmen”, became guests of the show “The Fate of a Man”. The 85-year-old director spoke about the beginning of her career, meeting her husband Anatoly Mukasey and commented on the conflicts with the actors of the legendary serial film “Midshipmen, Go!”.

So, in early February, Vladimir Shevelkov, who came to the shooting of Boris Korchevnikov’s program, who in 1987 played one of the midshipmen Nikita Olenev in Druzhinina’s film, said that it was hard for him to work with the director. And by the end of the picture, he even hid from the representatives of the film crew, so as not to communicate with the director. Due to disagreements, Svetlana Sergeevna did not invite Shevelkov to her projects anymore.

Sergey Zhigunov, Dmitry Kharatyan and Vladimir Shevelkov in “Midshipmen, go ahead!”

Relationships after filming in the first part of “Midshipmen” did not work out with Druzhinina and Sergei Zhigunov. Although the actor played not only in “Midshipmen, forward!”, But also in “Vivat, midshipmen!” According to rumors, the artist was offended by the director, who did not call in the continuation of the story about the brave friends of Shevelkov and told about replacing him with Mikhail Mamaev only at the start of filming. Last year, on the day of Svetlana Sergeevna’s 85th birthday, Zhigunov, who played Alexander Belov, said that he was ready to remove his name from the credits of an adventure film. “Just tell me in whose name you write the application – Lyubimova, as a minister, or Shakhnazarov, as a copyright holder?” – wrote in his microblog on Instagram Zhigunov (spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged. – Noteed.).

Druzhinina then did not comment on Sergei Zhigunov’s attack. And today she admitted that she does not take offense at either Zhigunov or Shevelkov. “I don’t really like this topic. The fact is that we are very grateful to each of them. I don’t know what he was offended, this is his problem, do it yourself! ” – Svetlana Sergeevna sharply answered Korchevnikova’s question about conflicts on the set. She added that she always believed that she had a light hand and a talent for discovering new artists. Therefore, without “Midshipmen”, the actors who starred in the series would not have received all-Russian fame.

Anatoly Mukasey, Svetlana Druzhinina and Boris Korchevnikov

Druzhinina noted that, for example, with Dmitry Kharatyan, who played Alexei Korsak, she is on very good terms. “We consider Dima Kharatyan to be our dear ones. He appears in all of our films. I want to say that he is not only filming, but we are good friends. We drive to him for a festival (the annual festival of children’s and family cinema “Solnechny Ostrov” – Noteed.) “, – added Anatoly Mukasey, who came to the show with his wife. “We have been friends with Misha Boyarsky for many years. He is an amazing friend, always meets and always responds! ” – agreed with him his wife.

Recall that at the end of last summer, Svetlana Druzhinina began filming the series “Midshipmen-5”. Dmitry Kharatyan, Mikhail Mamaev and Alexander Domogarov will play the main roles in it. Christina Orbakaite has also returned to her characters, who is in “Vivat, Midshipmen!” played the young princess Fiquet, who became Empress Catherine II, and Mikhail Boyarsky, who is known for the role of the French nobleman de Brillie.

Mikhail Boyarsky in the “Midshipmen”

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