Jan 3, 2022
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Svetlana Bondarchuk told how her special daughter lives


Socialite Svetlana Bondarchuk admitted that she and her husband were not going to PR on their daughter.

When Svetlana and Fyodor Bondarchuk had a daughter, a year later she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. For this reason, the parents decided not to advertise the details of the life of the heiress to the public.

There is very little information on the web about the daughter of celebrities. Varvara became the second child of the director, who appeared in a marriage with Svetlana Bondarchuk. For a long time, the couple preferred to hide the heiress and her diagnosis from others.

Only in 2012, the former model said that her child was disabled, but emphasized that their family refrained from using words such as “autism.” According to the businesswoman, her daughter is surrounded by love and care. The girl was often taken abroad for treatment.

When Varvara was born, Fedor and Svetlana came to the conclusion that it is not worth involving the public in her life. The couple barely shows their daughter’s photo. If she does have social media accounts, they are hidden from outsiders. “This is our choice with an ex-husband. We, as parents, have every right to do so. We did not make her a public person, that is, for medical reasons.“, – explained 52-year-old Bondarchuk in her YouTube show Sveta Around the World.

Svetlana Bondarchuk with her daughter Varvara
Svetlana Bondarchuk with her daughter Varvara

The former wife of the director also shared her position in life: she does not like to pour out negativity on others, so she does not talk about personal problems. She prefers to deal with all the questions that arise with professionals, or discuss with loved ones who can really give good advice. This also applies to such a difficult topic for her as Vary’s disease. Svetlana only briefly spoke about the fact that now her 23-year-old daughter is in Russia, she lives in an absolutely comfortable atmosphere, with people who love her.

There is no negative, since I am not a supporter of such things to be poured into public space. Those topics that can hurt me and my loved ones, I do not touch. But I want to say one thing. I have Varechka, wonderful, she is an adult girl. She was born with peculiarities, it was not immediately obvious, but, unfortunately, after a year, a definite diagnosis was made. Varya has cerebral palsy, this child has never lived in boarding houses, abroad, he lived in our house. There are people who choose a different path for their special children, to each his own. Varya lives in comfort, with her parents and nannies, with her brother, nieces, surrounded by people who love her. If anyone is interested in how she looks now, you can see my profile picture on Instagram.“, – the star confessed.

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