Aug 27, 2022
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Svetlana Bondarchuk spoke about sex in marriage


Socialite Svetlana Bondarchuk spoke about her personal life in an interview.

The ex-wife of the director has long been happy in a relationship with designer Sergei Kharchenko, but she can remember her ex-husband. She does not throw mud at Fedor, but, on the contrary, respectfully talks about the years she spent with him.

Svetlana does not admit why her union with Fedor broke up, but she discusses what needs to be done to maintain relations. The 53-year-old TV personality has repeatedly touched on intimate topics – and all for good reason. According to the presenter, diversity in sexual life strengthens family life.

No panacea to live “happily ever after”, as in a fairy tale, I can not open. Everyone has their own experience. I did not manage to save my first marriage, but there are people who live together all their conscious lives, from the first day to the last. Obviously, such relationships are built not only on sex. While sex is important, it certainly shouldn’t be lost. But on this, the original, chemistry, outbursts of emotions and butterflies in the stomach, you will not go far.

Svetlana Bondarchuk - photo from the archive -
Svetlana Bondarchuk – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

If you, I will say strange words, do not work on maintaining the freshness of the relationship, if you let her go, if you think that she will not go anywhere, this is the most thorny road. Sex is one of the foundations of a long relationship, but there must be others, let’s call them “common interests.” Do you like to travel together, or study, or raise children, or cook – whatever”, Bondarchuk shared her thoughts with Рsychologies.

At the same time, Svetlana noted that sex is not the most important thing in a relationship. That is, a couple should be connected by common interests, hobbies. And without the help of each other, nowhere.

I know many examples where people had amazing sex, but out of bed they lived like a cat with a dog. Maybe at first they thought it was charming. But even watching them from the side was tiring, and how one can live in such a relationship, I have no idea at all.”, says the celebrity.

With a new husband, Bondarchuk is not afraid to experiment. Svetlana is even ready to invite another woman to the family bed … “It is necessary to speak, and as boldly as possible, otherwise you will not find answers to your questions. Most likely, you will not be able to match everywhere, but if you love each other, you will still come to a compromise.“, – concluded the ex-wife of Fedor.

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