Jan 3, 2022
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Svetlana Bondarchuk decided to talk about her divorce


Socialite Svetlana Bondarchuk confessed what was the reason for the divorce.

In 2016, the separation of the TV presenter and the director was the most discussed topic. Svetlana is still being asked questions about her ex-husband. But they managed to maintain a warm relationship, despite all the difficulties.

Svetlana and Fedor divorced after 25 years of marriage. Then the news of their divorce shocked everyone, but the businesswoman believed that this was the only right decision, since the crisis that had arisen could not be overcome. Later, Svetlana frankly said that the reason for their disagreement lay not in betrayal, but in the extinction of feelings. “In our country, no one left someone for the sake of someone else. It was just that there was a crisis, a dive, from which we could not get out. For each of us, life began to go on, and only after a while some things began to happen“, – shared Bondarchuk.

Despite the fact that the couple’s relationship officially ended in 2016, they maintain contact for the sake of common children and communicate warmly if they meet at social events.

Svetlana Bondarchuk
Svetlana Bondarchuk

We have children, we have something to strive for. We are two successful people who have respected each other all our lives, and the most important thing is to keep it. I hope we have enough strength, courage, reason to do so in the future.“, – admitted 53-year-old Svetlana after five years of parting with the director.

The former model does not hide that the divorce was difficult for her, because she spent a significant part of her life with Fedor. They were familiar from their youth, grew up together as individuals and as professionals, they have a lot in common. Breaking all these ties was painful, but necessary.

Divorce is a very difficult thing, especially when you have so many years behind you that you have been associated with a person with whom you have lived of your own free will and out of love, when everything ends, no matter what the reason. By the way, in our case there were no third parties who influenced this. We just crossed the line when it was possible to keep the family in the format in which it should be. It’s complicated“, – said the TV personality in her YouTube show” Sveta Around the World “.

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