Apr 20, 2021
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Svetlana Bondarchuk admitted that modesty hindered her a lot


Socialite Svetlana Bondarchuk has been in the shadow of her famous husband all her life.

The Bondarchuk couple divorced in 2016 after 25 years of marriage. For many, the disintegration of the star pair was unexpected. But the couple noted that they parted on a friendly note, and soon each entered into a new marriage. Now Svetlana is enjoying a relationship with Sergei Kharchenko, who is filming the author’s show of the chosen one “Sveta Around the World”.

The journalist noted that she was once “behind the scenes” during her marriage to Fedor, although she did a lot both for their family happiness and for the creative development of the director. “All my life I have tried to build relationships in such a way as to be a companion for my man. It can not be any other way. Just because of modesty, I have never voiced what I do before, and now I understand that this is not right. “Modesty is the surest path to oblivion.” And history is easily rewritten. It’s great when you can do a common cause together, which brings joy and unites“, – admitted the blonde.

Svetlana Bondarchuk
Svetlana Bondarchuk

However, Bondarchuk is not going to push Kharchenko into the background. She notes that without him, the existence of her YouTube project is impossible. “If Sergei refuses to shoot the program tomorrow, it will be different, because his author’s view sets the character. If there is another presenter instead of me, the program will lose its meaning. So there are no main ones, we have a team“, – shared Svetlana.

By the way, everything is harmonious in the new family of Fyodor Bondarchuk, recently she was replenished with a new family member – his son Ivan. Paulina took some creative break. Until recently, she was actively involved in screenwriting. The celebrity couple is happy to work together and have already presented to the public the series “Crazy”, which received a positive assessment from critics.

But Svetlana did not become a full-fledged partner of her husband in creativity. “In my youth, I was very insecure. She starred in music videos, in cameo roles in films, but did not become an actress. I don’t presume to analyze why this happened. I may have lacked the talent“, – the blonde explained her absence from the projects of Fyodor Bondarchuk.

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