Aug 16, 2022
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Surprise for NATO: Poseidon from Belgorod is visiting you

In the photo: Project 09852 Belgorod special-purpose nuclear submarine

In the photo: Project 09852 Belgorod special-purpose nuclear submarine (Photo: Oleg Kuleshov / TASS)

Message from the press service of United Shipbuilding Corporation JSC about the solemn ceremony of signing the acceptance certificate on July 8 in relation to the nuclear submarine of special purpose project 09852 BS-329 “Belgorod” laid down in April 1993 (yes, almost thirty years ago) ” did not claim to be on the front pages of the world media. However, it did not pass by the attention of the world expert community, especially those of its members who represent the “collective”, as never before, the West. We will analyze it too, but first a little about the event itself.

At the celebration dedicated to the hoisting of the St. Andrew’s flag on the nuclear submarine “Belgorod”, there was no shortage of high-ranking officials. Present at the ceremony, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy of the Russian Federation, Admiral Nikolay Evmenov noted the significance of this event, because in the process of building a nuclear submarine, the latest shipbuilding technologies and the most advanced achievements of modern science were used.

“The special-purpose submarine BS-329 has opened up fundamentally new opportunities for the Russian fleet in terms of conducting research and scientific expeditions, as well as rescue operations, even in the most remote areas of the oceans,” the Commander-in-Chief believes.

What is so special about this event that makes the “peace fighters” from the United States and the North Atlantic Alliance once again tense up? One significant detail – “Belgorod” is the first Russian carrier of an unmanned underwater vehicle equipped with a nuclear power plant. The key functional task of which could be the delivery of a nuclear weapon to the coast of a potential enemy in order to destroy elements of the economic and critical infrastructure. Simply put, inflicting guaranteed unacceptable damage on the territory of an enemy country by creating the devastating consequences of a nuclear explosion: a tsunami, zones of radioactive contamination etc.

The nuclear submarine BS-329 “Belgorod” became the first and last representative of the project 09852, since the next carrier of the Poseidon ocean multipurpose system – the nuclear submarine “Khabarovsk”, laid down in July 2014 – is being built as part of a new project – 09851.

Tasksspecifications and features Premier League Belgorod»

The special-purpose nuclear submarine Belgorod, one of the first fifth-generation nuclear submarines, became part of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy. Its equipment is quite heterogeneous, since in addition to the thermonuclear Poseidons, it includes the widest range of robotic systems capable of operating at very great depths. Long before the launch of the next “Putin cartoon” on the water, our super-curious overseas “partners” tried to determine the proposed list of tasks for the nuclear submarine of project 09852.

The versions expressed by them contained the hunt for aircraft carrier groups, and the provision of a tracking system for American submarines (a kind of SOSUS), and the work of a mobile base for conducting special operations in the interests of Russia. In addition, the overall dimensions of the Russian special-purpose submarine made a very strong impression on the psyche of Western experts: 184 meters long, which is eleven meters longer than the hull of the official leader in this nomination, the Akula RK project 941, and 18.2 meters wide, which is much more a similar indicator of the nuclear submarine of project 955 “Borey” – the main carriers of nuclear weapons of the Russian Navy.

As for the features, so much has been said about them that, given the regime of the strictest secrecy that applies to this nuclear submarine, a skeptical attitude towards “expert statements” is at least justified. For example, the analysts of the American edition of Covert Shores (by the way, they own the phrase “Poseidon will wash away America”), they position the “hybrid power plant” as such, despite the lack of confirmation that it was equipped with the Belgorod nuclear submarine. Nevertheless, they believe that the low noise it provides gives the boat “invisibility” for hydroacoustic systems.

Experts consider the unique design of its propellers to be another feature of the nuclear submarine. Indeed, it is impossible to see the configuration of the propellers on all the photographs depicting the Belgorod, although some American experts stated that “they were able to discern the special shape of the nuclear submarine propellers on satellite images. True, they were not able to tell the world about this very form.

In addition, the Russian special-purpose nuclear submarine acts as a carrier not only of the “terrifying Poseidon” (in some sources it goes under the code “Status-6”), but also of deep-sea vehicles of the Harpsichord-2R-RM type, as well as nuclear deep-sea stations of projects 18511 “Halibut” and 10831 “Losharik”. Some sources focus on the fact that Belgorod is capable of transporting a block reactor of the ATGU type designed to power the network of underwater sensors Shelf. By the way, the latter ensures the operation of ultra-long-range underwater robotic sonar stations.

However, the main feature of the only representative of the project 09852 should be considered the ability to carry on board six (!) Poseidon multi-purpose deep-sea systems, along with the Sarmat, Avangard and Dagger, which deprived the leadership of the ever more peaceful North Atlantic alliance.

Information about this weapon is negligible, which seems not only logical, but also necessary. It is for this reason that on the Web, especially in its foreign segment, there are a lot of horror stories that have nothing to do with the truth. For example, arguments about unlimited depth of immersion or super high speed of movement. Although common sense and an analysis of the tasks facing the Premier League, they rather say the opposite.

What do they think aboutb Premier League Belgorod» Russian sailors and Western “partners”

We cited the statement of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Evmenov, above, but Admiral Viktor Kravchenko, who served as Chief of the Main Staff of the Russian Navy from 1998 to 2005, believes that the transfer of the nuclear submarine “Belgorod” to the Pacific Fleet will significantly increase its combat potential.

“The ship, built on a fundamentally new element base, will provide a significant increase in the level of combat readiness not only of the Pacific Fleet, but also of the Russian Navy as a whole.”

Recall that the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putinback in 2018, who announced the appearance of Poseidons in a message to the Federal Assembly, said that these systems would be equipped with nuclear weapons, which would allow them to most effectively hit the widest range of targets, including coastal fortifications, infrastructure and strike aircraft carrier groups.

And what about our “sworn” partners? Even a year after V.V. Putin’s statement, Western experts, like David Gamblinunderstanding the functional purpose of Poseidon, they expressed serious doubts about its actual existence, literally stating the following: “Given the opinions of our experts, such a weapon, despite its most likely low combat effectiveness, can exist, but only in order to impress close neighbors “.

A little later, noting the inconsistency of the information about Poseidon appearing in the American and European media, the latter was already called the “Apocalypse torpedo”, capable of causing a tsunami that washes away cities. A further change in rhetoric follows a scenario already seen in relation to other types of promising Russian weapons.

Yes, analyst. HOUR. Suttonspeaking about the use of the Poseidon, he expressed the opinion that it could radically change the tactics and strategy of submarine warfare. “The unlimited range turns the Russian Poseidon into a real threat to New York, Los Angeles and other coastal US cities,” he concluded.

One of the mouthpieces of Russian liberalism, whose website was blocked in 2022 in accordance with Russian law, wrote about the Poseidon: fleets are practically defenseless.

As a summary and answer to the liberal scum that is still fluttering in our society, which believes that the costs of the Russian state for Poseidons are at least excessive. They, languishing in unbearable “concern for the welfare of the people,” call for savings. “We have the Kinzhal, we have the Sarmat — the latest generation of ICBMs, which neither the existing nor the prospective air defense / missile defense systems of the North Atlantic Alliance are able to intercept, we have the Avangard — well, that’s enough, ”- they lament. Why do we also need these “torpedoes of the apocalypse”?

Need! The more such weapons Russia has, the lower the threat from the collective West, which is trying in vain to find more or less effective means of neutralizing our promising weapons. And Russia meanwhile will go forward!

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