Oct 12, 2021
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Surkov predicted total i-slavery to citizens

In the photo: former deputy head of the presidential administration Vladislav Surkov

In the photo: former deputy head of the presidential administration Vladislav Surkov (Photo: TASS / Maxim Shemetov)

People can become slaves of artificial intelligence, and transfer their voting rights to it. Such a perspective was drawn by none other than one of the founders of the modern political system of Russia, the former deputy head of the presidential administration Vladislav Surkov

The former assistant to the head of state published an article “Deserted Democracy and Other Political Miracles of 2121”, in which he tried to portray the future of humanity in a century. In short, it has two main thoughts. First, people will abandon democracy and politics in general, and will serve machines. Second, capitalism will remain and, as a consequence, the division into ruling and subordinate classes will remain.

“The next hundred years can be boldly scrolled through, since everything is clear enough with them. They will become the times of i-imperialism, that is, active division and “colonization” of cyberspace. In the context of this general process, there will be several wars (including, it seems, nuclear) for the American legacy. And as a result, a new system of global distribution of domination and subordination is formed, ”writes Surkov.

Further, the author describes specific details of this future, based on the trends of today: “When the gentry put on a horse one of their neighbors in the backwaters and sent him to London to convey their common opinion to the king, it was reasonable. For then the king could not call or send an SMS. Why, one wonders, someone to choose and send somewhere, paying for travel and abundant food, today, when there is an Internet that is capable of transmitting your opinion to anyone at the speed of light, bypassing well-fed intermediaries? “

The next step, according to Surkov, is that people will have to give up the opportunity to send their will through the worldwide network to artificial intelligence algorithms.

“Algorithms are already effectively managing investor funds in global financial markets. The main political practices, both legislative and, even more so, electoral ones, are in no way more complicated than stock and currency transactions. And if people trust the electronic algorithm with the most precious thing they have – their favorite money, then nothing prevents them from entrusting it with some political convictions, the firmness of which, alas, is inversely proportional to liquidity. Elections, lawmaking, many functions of the executive branch, court and arbitration proceedings, debates and even protest actions – all this can be delegated to artificial intelligence without leaving the party, ”Surkov predicts.

As a result, “the main feature of a deserted democracy will be a sharp decline in the role of the human factor in the political process. Leaders and crowds will gradually leave the historical scene. And the cars will come out to her. “

However, machines, as Surkov prophesies, will not bring people either freedom or happiness. The world will continue to be divided into masters and slaves.

“Of course, the political class will not completely disappear. Algorithms have owners. According to Karl Marx, who owns the means of production also has a decisive influence. In the digital age, these are IT giants … Yes, and everywhere people will feel, in a sense, foreigners, strangers, ”the ex-presidential aide believes.

Surkov concludes his story with the conclusion: “The choice will not be great – to be a guest of the Machine, or to serve it.”

By the style of the text, one can feel that Surkov wants to see such a future. However, is it achievable? The text lacks the main thing: attempts to predict something new that will appear in a hundred years. Perhaps, new physical laws will be discovered, fateful inventions made, new philosophical concepts written, which will radically affect humanity.

What really can agree with Surkov – that new inventions, ideas and images are created by people who do not belong to the “system”. Or, as Surkov writes with a capital letter, “Machine”. It is those who create, and do not serve the “Machine”, who ensure the progress and development of mankind. Although Surkov does not imply the presence of such people in the future.

Artificial intelligence specialist, writer Igor Shnurenko I am sure that the project described by Surkov cannot come true. The new, unprecedented division of people into masters and slaves will be prevented by people who can get out of the proposed “matrix”:

“Surkov’s article is not a statement of fact, but an attempt to form public consciousness in the right direction,” Shnurenko says. – To make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. But of course it’s funny what he writes.

Surkov describes a world without people, a society without people. But the material world itself is inextricably linked with human consciousness. We do not know anything else and it is strange to think about what will be outside of it. That is, there will be no politics, no economy, no culture, no family. There will be no material world itself!

It turns out that Surkov describes complete death and total catastrophe. It is simply pointless to argue what the political system will be like.

Perhaps politicians like Surkov would like to build such a future and consider themselves its architects. But they simply do not represent the consequences of what they want. They can be compared with the philosopher Daniel Dennett, who claims that there is neither consciousness nor free will, and all images, including philosophical and scientific ones, are just illusions. But the philosopher falls into the trap of the liar’s paradox. Indeed, according to his own ideas, it turns out that his views are illusions that do not exist in reality. The same can be said then about Surkov.

In fact, this is all an expression of the ideology of some digital-fascism and digital-slavery. Of course, politicians will not be able to achieve this state. Simply because they overestimate the power of technology.

“SP”: – Surkov says that today people with the help of the Internet can pass laws, and people’s representatives are not needed.

– What Surkov described could have been discussed 25 years ago. Then it really seemed that the development of the Internet would allow the transition to direct democracy. This is simply not possible now. People cannot, it turns out, choose, since they are deprived of consciousness, freedom of choice. Such a future is portrayed by Surkov when people become obedient biorobots. But when everyone becomes zombies, humanity will cease to exist.

“SP”: – Surkov does not exclude humanity from the world, but speaks of a new form of domination. Its means will simply be the possession of cyberspace.

– We see a very typical and widespread mistake. For some reason, Surkov believes that representatives of the political class like him will rule, that they will become the owners of the algorithms. In fact, the algorithms will be its masters. The political class will turn into the same servants. Such philosophers as Martin Heidegger wrote about the transformation of a person into an instrument. There will not be and cannot be an area where the so-called elite can live a different life and not be part of the machine. They can already be considered part of this machine. And Surkov, and the presidential administration. They are part of the digital Leviathan.

Surkov can now come up with his articles, because they are in line with the general paradigm. Whoever tries to oppose will immediately be deprived of everything. In this regard, the reviews of critics for the new book are interesting. Victor Pelevin “Transhumanism Inc”. The writer is rather skeptical about all this technocratism. And then they began to write that he had finished writing, the book was bad, and so on.

There is also the aspect that many years ago Surkov participated in the formation of a simulacrum instead of politics. It was discussed 20 years ago, but now it is a reality. But during this time, Surkov has already become part of the “digital Leviathan”. And now they are thinking about digitalization. It should become a screen to hide their philosophical inconsistency and inability to solve real issues. And they need to reset culture, education. They have already reset the policy.

“SP”: – People of good will can prevent the implementation of what Surkov has described. Those who are outside the system, and not trying to serve it or change from within. Surkov does not take into account the emergence of new scientific discoveries and new images.

– I totally agree. Of course, the salvation of humanity is possible in other ways. But the supporters of the “digital Leviathan” are trying to eradicate everything that is connected with the creative abilities of people, with creation.

Perhaps they will be able to take total power for a while. To completely paralyze cultural life, to stop the development of science. But I believe in people. Despite the dictatorship, people will continue to create. And it will save humanity.

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