Aug 3, 2022
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Surgeons separate Siamese twins, fused heads and brains

head fused twinsArtur and Bernardo Lima were born in 2018 and spent almost their entire lives in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

head fused twins

The fact is that the boys were Siamese twins with fused heads and brains, so they needed careful care, including a special bed. And finally, Arthur and Bernardo got the opportunity to look into each other’s eyes for the first time – all thanks to 9 operations, the final and culminating of which took 27 hours. The team of surgeons considers the separation of the twins the most difficult to date, because the boys shared many vital veins. Despite the high risk of death for young patients, doctors believed that success was possible. Virtual reality provided unusual assistance to doctors. Using brain scans to create a digital map of the boys’ overall skull, the surgeons prepared for the operation in order to reduce the real risk to the minimum possible.

head fused twins

Adrieli Lima, mother of Artur and Bernardo, cannot hold back her tears of gratitude. Now, when the sons are separated, for the family, who almost lived in the hospital for almost four years, easier times will come.

Arriving at the restaurant, the visitor not only dined, but also took up the upbringing of someone else’s child


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